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During my one and a half year, I have witnessed a new world and have found myself in an environment where I can develop and promote myself. I was never that bold and confident as I am now. This is all because of my beloved institution ‘Textile Institute of Pakistan’. Despite of being in the list of top textile universities of Pakistan having 100% job placements, there is still a chorus among the textile industrialists that TIP students are ‘Non-technical’.

Great minds discuss ideas-so do I. I have got some suggestions to eliminate this ‘Non-technical’ word from the graduates of TIP. Since textile management, apparel and designing students need not to be much technical as per their job requirements; my focus of debate is largely Textile science students. My very first point out of my three point’s agenda is:

Practical/Lab Exams
It is useless to invest a large amount of money on expensive lab equipment, chemicals, materials and computers if students are allotted their lab marks only on the basis of Practical Journals and viva exam. It is our third semester and we haven’t gone through any practical exam at the end of each lab.

Un-necessary courses or Fillers
I recently got to know that Mr. Umair Saeed has approved a course named ‘Textile Mechanics’ for first year students in place of useless intermediate Physics and Chemistry courses. This is indeed a great step but still there are various courses, taught to first years, which are either repetitive or very basic. For example, we are currently taking ‘Yarn Formation’ course, which no doubt can cover a thousand technical things but still even in second year-we are studying the BASIC spinning processes which could have been taught to us during our first year. I can’t figure out why our academic policy makers not introduce pure technical courses and speed up the learning process to compete with NTU, NED and even Mechanical Engineers and Diploma holders who are giving a tough time to TIP graduates.

My third and the final point of concern is:

Hard work or the other way Round
Though it is very bad and I feel ashamed of writing about this is what students call ‘TC’ or ‘Take Care’. I am not criticizing or pointing towards our beloved and respected teachers but I want to drift the attention of again our academic policy makers that they should not allow students forcing and begging the teachers to raise their marks on the basis of their good relationship or understanding with the teachers. This is not a lie nor do I like to tell; this is a harsh truth which all of us must have noticed. What usually happens is that students keep forcing the course instructors to give them some bonus marks or packages and teachers due to the absence of any rule or policy mostly favor the students.

Now, the question pops up is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? It is not the students, not the teachers but our academic department. In addition of publishing Students Hand Book, they should also consider above mentioned flaws since these small things are tarnishing the image of TIP among the top industrialists and mill owners.

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  1. Rameez, your observations are very valid and well conveyed. The current administration is trying to sort out concerns regarding such courses which number to more than just the ones you’ve experienced so far. Another grave concern is connectivity between basic and advanced courses so that the students are not taught the same thing over and over with enhanced levels of wrote learning.

    Your last point is also a matter that needs to be sorted out, but the solution to that is not as simple as 123 and will take a while. Perhaps a “teachers handbook,” should also be published for people like me who are new to the faculty so that they know how to do things such that that they are coherent with the academic department in general rather than create their own system that conflicts with the rest.

  2. it is very wise not to talk abt things u dont know …. although i know some of the major administration concerns but still i wont like to talk abt these things ….. You see u need to broden ur prespective rather than limit bcz creativity is born when ur having no boundaries around secondly let me just tell u abt the lab thing there is already very little amount for lab so plz dont talk abt reducing it .. ok ……..

  3. It is very wise to talk about things you don’t know, especially on Quack. Its a part of learning about what you don’t know when you engage in debate.

    So no matter how naive the arguments, debate away!

    A word to the wise: Employers, especially entrepreneurs, will never be happy with the performance of their employees and their capital investments. This ‘unhappiness’ is key to improving performance, and key to their successes!

    Similarly, unhappy students may lead to a improved environment and improved education. Now, if only the educators were also somewhat unhappy with the state of affairs. Viva la revolution!

  4. Lets leave wisdom aside. It’s okay to take about things that you don’t know of as an opinion or a question. But one must be careful when stating facts or making claims.

    Happiness is one thing, satisfaction another. Some already feel that TIP students are overqualified for the industry. But really that’s another matter. As far as the lab is concerned, the author has in no way hinted that they should be reduced or done away with.

    The educators you say! Everyone complains! Huge statements and claims are also made. But when it comes down to ground realities, almost everyone’s sloppy or pretend at will.

    It’s a complex situation. Those who decide to take an initiative start with an autonomous rule. They isolate themselves from the rest of the system and do things the way they want ignoring their umbilical cord. The result is total chaos.

  5. mr. rameez, i think u need to open up ur eyes abitmore, if u think urself liable to convey ur msg to upper authorities…
    1st objection!
    technically non technocal: so mr. rameez…AKA ******** if u wants to learn more n more abt technical how to operate machine, how to repair it n all that stuf.f. u sud go to any diploma centre…we are not paying such huge amount to learnt to make machines working…. tip is to produce managers … not technicals.. MR.ZB would beeter let u understand this thing..k why it is… and other thing is that.. the person who is excellent in machine working is ranked A JOBER, or foreman , or technician… n cant reach management levels most commonly… and those who r there r being replaced by texperts… go n ask any such JOBBERS, how they feel unsecure by presence of texperts… and NED’s field is mechanical , like machine repairing… n second thing… when u spend 600,000 PKR for ur degree, than i hope no one could be accept jobe below atleast 14000PKR per motnh, as they feel confident to ask high pay,,,on the other hand,, a nedian , NTU ones, feel unconfident to ask such intial pays.. as they mentality become like k we got degree by spending hardly 200000, so its better watever we r getting.. and the r just mechanics…no know how toward management courses… and in tip u r tought backgrounds..that wat is wat , and how , and why..!!!! n even in mills… texperts not have to pick up hammer, wrench, and start doing it…
    i accept their job is dirty colar, but mainly n most probabaly for starting few yrs…even tht tym they can avoid it… but they do so, to get fimiliar with it… so wat wrong if they learn how to best in mangement level studies.. marketing , economices, and basic level of physics… whihc is indeed usefull, mainly MMF spinning….

    LAB work=
    bro, in lab i think we have been tought many usefull things… but if u just want to disuc, u can ask why we needed to know how to make detergents n soups?? are we going to soap industry?? and one more thing is that in every institution, only those things are thought, whihc are applicable to related industry.. not everything… and tought how to control it…. before initiating a procedure…. and pure technicallity can not be tought in any institution.. expcet in field… for this purpose, i think we goes for interships… by backing if TIP, here tip’s responsibilty ends… n she shall not liable that wat students do there… so far, i had not found any student who did his intership seriously… just a formality…
    3RD= first correction TC not stands for take care, contact me i will tell u its meaning… my annoyed bro, u have mentioned problems.. almost al major of them… but r u been able to identify a soluion for them? like TC??? as far i think, only TC can be said as a prob, among all u tried to mention… how many of you thinks i am saying rite???
    my oppinion to iradication of TC, scores of final paper should be informed to teachers.. and on net everyone can see other’s marks…and marking of lab marks sud be like a written quiz, so no one can object others..for getting hihg marks by TC..and proper criteria of marking..not that one we use to see last page of COURSE OUTLINE and i know there are many in tip.. who just cant see other getting advantage.. and surely not because of a reason tht they don get get such.. but why he is getting… and commonly described as “KHALIFA”.

  6. Asad, I am happy that you have commented on this article…
    First of all I am in no way a critic nor a big scholar, me just a second year student of TIP and let me make clear that all the issues I have raised above are genuine and worth mentioning…Obviously we can learn a bunch of technical things by our own efforts but not all too has the responsibility to give us much techincal things as possible..and your point that TIP graduates are all for management and marketing jobs and dont need much techinalities is not valid. TEXPERTS are tested both on thier technical and managment side(irrespective of TMM students) and if you honestly ask any mill owner or any person from HR department of any textile mill…He/She will tell you that what exaclty TIP graduates lacks…they got management jobs because they have that side stronger and why not you should opt for more technical things to get much high paid jobs plus TEXTILE SCIENCE is a degree which covers both techincal and non-techincal things..

    As far as ‘TC’is concerned..i will contact you for what it stands and your point that I have not given any solution is again not valid..I am not here to give solutions but I have mentioned that a slight change in academic policy can end this TC culture…!

    And finally your solution for TC is a very valid one…I agree with it that instead if viva, quiz are lot better but not that as pratical exams…

  7. rameez, i accepts ur point abt techinical side… but as u have already mentioned u r my class fellow, so, cant u wait untill 8th semester to know how much u are being a technically strong?? and if u do abit attention on technical side… its divided in to many areas,,, like machine running, repairing , planning , and placement of it etc… so those who think we r non technicals.. r belongs to NTU or NED>.. and just technical side is there issue… and most of hihg positions r occupeid by them… and like us, everone compares other with “wat a/c to them is standard” n for them NTU or NED is standard. ur point of practical exam is also not soo good.. as i told u ..mostly we just practise to be use to , to the machines… and what we use to do in labs is applications of wat we will suppose to face in mills. not exactly same conditions… remember desizing practical??? it take around hour to do so…. but i did it in mare 15 mins… and best results… in tht lab a/c to sir!!!!!!! as i know… in mills… i would not have o stand on desizing machine… to wait for it..we have to executting planning.. that how it would go… else if we r suppose to do every signle thing…than wat the diffe b/t us n other mill’s labor?? do think abt it … but surely after exams.. best of luck

  8. well baby 1st u grow up n 2ndly ur not in da state to suggest da higher authorities ;until n unless u reach to their level of thoughts but u can gyv ideas . T.I.P is not a place whr it supposes to teach u technical stuff as MR.Asad mentioned it;it’s a mile away from dear u made da wrong decision of being a part of T.I.P.if u wanna to learned technical material n practicals related to it den u sud join NED OR NTU.tecnical staff is a gigantic topic we can’t do both da things at one place .in a sam way ned or ntu guys are not gud at management level…. thnk of it t.c Allah hafiz lou u

  9. Sir, I have already mentioned that these are my personal ideas and mind you I have the full right to transfer my ideas to the higher authorities, moreover TIP welcomes criticism from students as well.

  10. Dear Rameez,
    First of all, who told you that Mr. Umair Saeed has approved a course named ‘Textile Mechanics’ for first year students in place of useless intermediate Physics courses.
    There are some students who under influence of some faculty are propagating this kind of non-sense. This has not been done and neither can be done due to the limitations that has been imposed by the Higher Education Commision (HEC). According to which all undergraduate Science students must study the Physics and chemistry courses,
    About your TC part, you acutally TCccd already undeliberately by propagating agenda of one of the faculty who is interested in getting course of Physics.

    Oh you poor chap………

  11. So what you exactly saying is that I am presenting this “TEXTILE MECHANICS’ course under the influence of some faulty to do TC…lollz!

    I know this course has been approved and why are you interested to know that who told should have better known this..actually sir Textile Mechanics is a modification of Physics course so it comes within the pysics range and we have already a physics course in our first semester as well…

    It all seems that you are getting personal with me or with any faculty for all this..look man I am in no influence with any faculty nor has anyone forced me to write about this, this is what I think.YOU CAN DIS-AGREE WITH ME BUT PERSONAL ATTACKS ARE NOT RIGHT….

  12. @ strong believer
    hahahahahah what a name by the way you did give your self a funny name but unfortunately you didn’t mention your strong conviction is on what, let me tell you one thing about you which i strongly believe you don’t know lolz about your self. The blame you have put on rameez i presume you are that person who is under the influence of teachers in fact you are a teacher’s cat oh oh i m sorry cat are for gals i think you are teachers dog aren’t you lol well you sound like one too they say a dog is a man best friend and they also say a dog cant never bear any other person to come too close to his goes the same with you inst it , you just couldn’t bear rameez to write about this info since, you were the one who was going to do this by writing an article in order to do tc of teachers in other words your owners but rameez did it first with no intension as yours so now you got angry and you started accusing for something which you intend to do .. chchch dost every buddy knows him friend.a honest person like rameez doing tc hahah dude do some research before pointing out on some one like that for no reason. come up with something good as an comment rather than getting personal to provoke some one to argue with you for some senseless reason.

  13. Dear Mr. Rebuttal,

    How come u know that I am a teacher’s dog?
    for your kind info, dog is one of the most sincere animal (even more than human). So
    you did answer your own question.
    I actually tried to mention only that this has
    not been done yet and Mr. Rameez is trying to
    propagate this thing (on the recommendation of
    that faculty).
    By the way that was my point of view. And I never
    used such strong words then y your highness is such angry (i think u r the 1 who is been hit). Heheeheheeee

    Anyways, to my dear Rameez, I just wanna know (as I am sure that no change has been occured in the Physics course yet) that never play in someone’s hands. They use you for their desires. As far as the “Textile Mechanism” course is concerned, I am sure this kind of course will be more appropriate and better provided that some textile related faculty (having some experience of textile machinery) will be hired by the TIP.

    I am sure that I had not insulted anyone except the one who…………… I guess u understand now to whom i am pointing.

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