“Think Positive” says the psychologist..

Picture Courtesy: Saman Salman, Photographer MAPS

The Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society (TiES) was finally reformed and began performing its duties by inviting the first guest speaker for the fall 2011. Ms Faiza Mehmood, a professional therapist and a qualified counsellor and psychologist visited TIP on 7th December, 2011 to deliver a valuable lecture on, “The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude.”

The session was hosted by Asad Jafri of AMM2, a member of TiES. Ms Faiza delivered her lecture with the help of a PowerPoint presentation and a couple of intriguing videos. Key elements of her address included how one should stay focussed on his or her goals and motivate him or herself to achieve those goals. She laid emphasis on how every person should look at themselves in the mirror everyday and make believe that everything is possible if they just try hard enough to achieve it. A highlight point in her presentation was a quote by the renowned personality, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan,

“Intezar karnay walay ko wo milta hai, jo mehnat karnay walay kay hissay mein say bach jata hai…”

Through this quote, she laid emphasis on the point that those who believe that patience is a virtue and waiting for rewards to reach them is a more viable approach in life will always receive less of a reward. Hence it is better to strive and remain assiduous and determined so that you reach the reward yourself.

The session concluded with a few words by our honourable president, Dr. Zubair Bandukda, a Q & A session and a brief shield distribution ceremony in which the guest speaker was presented with a memento by the president on behalf of the Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society.

This was surely a first, but definitely not the last. The amazing efforts of Waqas Saad, compiled with the highly appreciated help from Hafsa Azhar, Schaheerah Tazeen and Taha Farooqui resulted in an excellent event which was deeply acknowledged by the President and the faculty alike.

Well Done TiES!

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  1. Bravo TIES 😀 So proud of you guys 🙂 and I am extremely happy to see Dr.Zubair back in the ACTION 😀

  2. arayy wah…!! I jux read the article, is mein tou meraa naam bhi hai…hehehe… :p

    Well on a serious note, it wz a very gud attempt cox TIP really needs some POSITIVENESS in the air, it was a great pleasure, being a prt of TIES…!! Thank you…!! 🙂

  3. I must applaud Waqas and Asad… see you can take TIES to a different level and you already are .Keep up the good work !!!….continue the legacy …:) waiting for much more from TIES …
    Break the Leg !!! 😀

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