This is not the End, it’s only the Beginning

On 29th January, 2012, Textile Institute of Pakistan [TIP] said farewell to yet another vibrant and extremely competent batch of students. It was the Convocation 2012, probably the last time the entire batch crowded the fields on TIP collectively as a single cohesive unit.

The basketball court was utilized to host this grand event, just like it had been so the previous year. A dairy white marquee, a bright glistening sun and a pleasant breeze set the perfect tone for the occasion. The proceedings began, the event being hosted by me, Asad Jafri of AMM2 and Komal Mustafa of TDT2. In synchronization with a classical Sitar tune being played through the speakers, the procession led by the Academic Coordinator Mr. Umair Saeed entered the arena, followed by the graduating students, faculty members, Board of Governors, President TIP Dr. Zubair Bandukda, Chancellor TIP Mr. Arif Hasan and the keynote speaker for the day, Mrs. Noorjehan Bilgirami.

After recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and their translation, Dr. Zubair Bandukda, or ZB as the new class schedule for 2012 denotes him as [which honestly speaking seems kinda cool], approached the podium for is welcome address. This was then followed by speeches made by the Chancellor and then of course, the keynote speaker. Time passed on smoothly and soon enough, students started arriving on stage to receive their degrees from Mr. Arif Hasan. The looks on the parents’ faces were simply priceless, each one of them proud to see their son/daughter covered in a Royal Blue gown and graduation cap finally receiving the degrees for which their children had strived so hard.

The distribution of degrees was followed by the distribution of the honour medals. It was time for the bright minds, or geeks, to get awarded for their wrote-learning, asking-endless-questions, attending-all- classes and “hardworking” skills. Those students were about to approach the stage at which parents of regular kids would point and ask, “Why couldn’t you study as hard as him/her?!” In other words, the Cum Laude awards were being given out. Zainab Naeem was the sole recipient of the Suma Cum Laude award, graduating with a brain-wrecking, mind- blowing, making-others-jealous CGPA of 3.92! And how can one forget the much awaited Eqbal Ahmed Achievement Award? It was unanimously decided to present the humungous gold medal to the ever so ecstatic, Amna Khan of Textile Design Technology [TDT].

Zainab was also kind enough to deliver the valedictory speech, which was both sentimental and encouraging. Mrs. Noorjehan Bilgirami was awarded with a memento, which was part of Fizza Naqvi’s final year project. The proceedings were drawn to an end and up in the air went the caps of the graduating students! Propelled by over excitement, some even took two turns at it.

The efforts of Ms. Rakshanda Shah and Mr. Mazhar Jameel have to be applauded as they were the ones who were responsible for selecting the qualified volunteers with whom they made the Convocation 2012 an unforgettable memory for the graduating students and their parents.

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  1. Beautifully written 🙂 tum ney tou pheli baar he impress kar kay maar daala 😀 bravo my boi 🙂 Proud of you as always!
    and hehehhe thank you for the compliment of calling me “Ecstatic” 😀
    but listen…..zainab was awarded the Suma Cum laude award, not the magna, Suma is higher than magna !!

    very well written….jafri, you rock man 😀

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