3 Replies to “TIP Announces Spring 2010 Admission”

  1. At last – a better convincing ad. Minor flaws are always negligible 😛

    Interesting to see AMM go GMM and BBA FDM! Curious to know more about the Sindhi Muslim campus. Anyone? Also, could not find course structure of BBA-FDM on TIP’s official website. Will it be available after people the admissions are over?

  2. Thank you!!
    The TIP StratCom and Admissions Comm (Saira Danish, Saifuddin Kamran and Ali Hafeez) worked as a team with BBCL – our new Image Agency.

    Details will be uploaded on the website Monday. Basic introduction has been updated on the Webpage and the TIP fanpage on FB.

    Location will be disclosed soon on the Sindhi Muslim campus

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