Who do u think you are?

Four years of progressive education, lots of executive and technical training programs, learning about change management and so on – makes you think you’re ready to take the bull called life by its horns, right?  Stop right there!

You are venturing into an industry that feels strongly but negatively towards change. If you feel you study in a terrible institution, change your attitude. You’re better than most of the people you will encounter in the textile industry. They’ll feel threatened by you, try to bring you down at every step, prove you wrong and stupid and treat you like a nobody. Some people will even prove to you what an idiot you are if you suggest a free upgrade in the ancient word processing software they make everyone use. Those presently studying –  if you enter the industry demotivated, you’re dead, because you haven’t seen what demotivation is – yet.

Take the bull called life by its horns and tame it. Nobody ever made anything better by not doing anything about it. Difficult people and situations are an essential part of life. Learn to deal with them by embracing their sorry existence, and you can be sure you’re on the right track!

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