TIAF Mailing List access delay

Update: The mailing list is now accessible again. The Class of 2008 is being invited to join. If you are in the Class of 2008, you should have gotten an invitation by now. If you are still waiting, email the TIAF moderators.

The Textile Institute Alumni Forum (TIAF) has a mailing list that is available to graduates of the Textile Institute of Pakistan. The mailing list exists to connect the TIP alumni with inside news and information on the textile industry, and to coordinate events concerning the alumni. For recent graduates the mailing list is a valuable resource to finding alumni connections in the industry and learning about arising job opportunities.

Many graduates from this years graduating class of 2008 have been trying to get access to the mailing list. On behalf of the moderators of the mailing list (I am one of them), I apologize for the delay in granting access. There is a glitch in our system that has delaying the access. Our team is working at overcoming this, and we looking forward to seeing you within the TIAF network.

On a related note, we are trying to get hold of a full list of graduates of 2008 complete with email addresses. If anyone can help, please do email this to the TIAF moderators.

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