4 Replies to “Aurat Fasaad Ki Jarr Hai”

  1. Lolz funny topic … I wish i could be there listening to the debates jis main auroton ki achi khasii khichai ho gee :)…. I read somewhere which is so true. writing it in here to give some ideas for debaters:

    “A man is incomplete without marriage but after marriage, he is finished!”

    and “Behind every successful man there is a women and behind every unsuccessful man there are two”

  2. Aisha abhi debate ho to lainai do abhi sai khair aisa galat hai ya theek hai yeh tou batao innhain maerai khayal main galat hai

  3. asal mein aurat her cheez kee jer hay, jis nay ye fanciful title likha hay us shakhs kee jer bhi aik adad aurat hee hay !!

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