Technical Textile Research at TRIC

Textile Research and Innovation Centre worked on a collaborative project with National Foods to develop a technical fabric solution to reduce contamination of aflatoxin produced during the drying of red chilli in interior Sindh. A recent article by National Foods’ staff highlights some of the outcomes from this work.

Better late than never

Back in the day when I used to be an ambitious senior at the Textile Institute of Pakistan a bunch students thought they could go to Sri Lanka for the Textile Institute World Conference in Colombo. Here’s their story!
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If only they would speak

Many years ago on a street in my neighborhood was a pack of dogs. They would chase every car that would pass by. Barking and chasing until the car went past. Sometimes there were a few. Other times they were joined by friends from neighborhoods far far away. They would tire themselves out and triumphantly return back to the pack, perhaps thinking that they scared the car away.

No one knew what they wanted. One time we stopped our car and the poor animal halted dead in its tracks, its bark fading into a puppy like squeal, and scared out of its wits it retreated in its own tracks.

Then one day they just disappeared. Perhaps they were trying to say something.

Whats wrong with Quack!? (Editorial Oct 2010)

By Abid Omar, Aasim Ahmed and Furhan Hussain

Why do you cause us so much grief? The recent fervor over an article pushed some former editors of Quack! to convene an international teleconference spanning 3 continents. We got together to see if this article requires a major response such as a makeover of the basic policies underlying Quack! Our discussion quickly shifted to whether North America is really a geographic entity separate from South America (yes it is), where in the world is Abid (eating lizards in Shanghai or foie gras in Paris) and whether it is possible to breathe and write at the same type (not possible for some).

Our task is daunting. The discussion we’re dealing with has swayed so far away from where it started that getting together three people from three continents was the easy part. So we thought it would be a good idea to lay out what we won’t be talking about here just so we’re clear.

What we will not be discussing

1. We will not be discussing TIP’s faculty and administration. Let’s face it, there have always been problems and always will be. That’s life. But they are doing something right to have over 700 graduates out into the industry.

2. We will not be talking about the lake, the horrible food at the cafeteria (apparently it’s not horrible anymore!) or how beautiful the fertilizer factory looks at night!

3. We will also not be discussing the pros and cons of ragging. We’ve been there and done that many a times before and one can find plenty of archives on the subject.

What we will be discussing

1. The ideology behind Quack!
2. What good journalism is about and how to write an effective piece.
3. What to do about anonymous postings

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Between walls and public restrooms

The government of Pakistan has decided to break down all the walls in the nation because people all over the country are spewing excrement over them. This has become a major cause of concern for the government with related incidents increasing at an explosive rate as the population rises. It is believed that people routinely use walls to dump excrement, hence removing them should solve the problem.

A spokesperson stated “Not only does it smell and look bad, it also goes against our values when men and women are seen dumping on and around walls. Our behavior portrays a negative image of Pakistan, especially to foreign viewers”
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Invitation to participate in DIGITALeyez – All-Pakistan Inter-University Photography, Media & Design Competition at NUCES-FAST Karachi

THE WEBMASTERS student committee of National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST), Karachi campus, cordially invites you to DIGITALeyez, the inaugural digital-media centric event of NUCES FAST. It is scheduled to take place on the 12th of April, 2008. DIGITALeyez offers the following competitions:

  1. Photography
  2. Short Film & Animation
  3. Web Design
  4. Xpressions (Skethcing & Painting)
  5. Brainiac (Quiz)
  6. Young Acheivers (TV program)

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