Cotton Market Update

Previously, I had put a relatively higher figure of Rs. 13000/maund for Pakistani Cotton price to be realised by March 2011 but the cash market of Cotton in Pakistan this past week has already seen considerable business over 13k mark. The market has a confirmed deal known to have realised at Rs. 13,800/maund for payment terms 30 days l/c and mind you we’re still 10 days away from the start of March).

So if we just take the cash price at Rs. 13,500/maund we have a figure of $ 1.90/lb+ price for Pakistani Cotton and domestic mills are willingly buying at these prices as supply situation is tight and will remain tight by probably the middle of next crop year as there are hardly any chances of unsold stocks left and in fact we are in deficit. Gone are the days when one could buy $ 1/lb for a dozen hand towels pack from Pakistan. Now even the cotton comber noil from Pakistan is sold at $ 1.60+/lb FOB Pakistan.

I wish if Pakistan can put some extra effort in increasing its cotton crop size to at least reach the domestic usage figure of 15 million+ bales, we all can have a great time fetching good profits on our efforts of conversion. As according to estimates in order to have ending stocks equal to 2008 levels, the world will have to produce max cotton outputs for next five years consecutively and yesterday there was some news about China facing massive drought conditions in major agricultural areas so chances doesn’t look too bright.


I was having this candid discussion with Sarim the other day about TIP, its Alumni and state of affairs of student body at TIP in general. Both of us had a same opinion about the way the matters of TISF to be left in the hands of students rather than in the hands of the various so called guardians of this forum. I have written on this earlier and i would reiterate the fact that although TIP collects and also contributes(i don’t know if they still do!) the funding for the TISF, but to make it a vibrant and active representation of student body the guardians should leave the affairs in the hands of office bearers. Anyways to come back to the good news that i wanted to share with all readers of Quack is performance of TIP’s team at LUMS YLES. I don’t know if this effort was solely on students own part or TIP also in someway helped them (apart from giving them the right to call themselves a representation from TIP).

I request someone from TIP’s team to share their experience and post the ad which won them this accolade at LUMS YLES.

For the time being, you can read the full story at

Congratulations and keep this spirit alive!

What is TISF?

Looking at the response on my previous post of “Where is TISF?” i think its about time that the student body at TIP understand the real spirit of TISF and how it used to be from the very start till sometimes back. Don’t judge this post from the aspect of how bad or good my writing skills are, the point i wish to raise here is this body is only student representation which not only gives the students the chance to polish their leadership skills but at the same time provides them a platform to experiment Continue reading “What is TISF?”

Where is the TISF?

Wish to know who runs it now… Did the students’ representatives still enjoy the liberty to do whatever they want to? Its been a long since the texperts heard from TISF… Share your views and let us know what it takes to have a vibrant and active student representation… u deserve to have one…


This post is going to be one of my first ones after almost of five years of break or so… and Abid Omar surely deserves to have the credit to bring me back to this forum which he started online back in 2003 summers, and i happen to be the president of the TISF at that time. Anyways, coming back to the subject of my post, as you all may be aware of the importance of Cotton in today’s textile value chain, i wish to bring to you the commercial side of this fiber trade so that you can comprehend the various market reports on cotton that come to you from various sources as i also plan to share the ones that i send on the TIP alumni mailing group. Continue reading “Cotton”

Texperts Reunion Dinner 2006 report

It’s never too late to initiate something positive and that’s what it took the TIAF (Textile Institute Alumni Forum) proved when they organized a dinner on the 29th of April 2006 hosted at Muslim Gymkhana, Karachi.

As anticipated, the turnout was reasonably good with about 110 attendies representing every class that has graduated since 1998.

The reunion reaffirmed the need for more such events and gatherings to make this networking more effective as it needs to be. I must say, hats off to Shujaat Alavi for pulling off a great reunion. It felt great to be amongst our mentors, Dr. Zubair Bandukda and Madam Asiah as well as Dr. Hafiz ur Rehman Sheikh, Dr. Pervaiz Abbas and Dr. Abdul Jabbar along with other faculty members.

All in all the evening was great but what should come next is a question that needs to be answered by you. Share your views, comments and suggestions on what you think should be done?