The Irfanolution Is Back Upon Us

Irfan Hussain

The Man Behind TIP’s Revitalization
The Glorious Return of TIP & Mr. Irfan Hussain

By Abid Reza TS4

Ahh, some back-breaking and exhaustive internships … why do they call them summer “vacations” anyways?? In no time, we found ourselves at the doorsteps of our final year at TIP. No, not again… same boring classes, with those inexperienced teachers. Life’s dull.

But it was not all dull about coming back to TIP. Rumors had it that our former president Mr. Irfan Hussain was coming back to replace Mr. Shakeel Ahmad. The speculation about his return and the changes he’ll bring with him were the most common talk amongst the students in summers. And as we expected, he was back indeed. Let’s see the befores and afters of this man.
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The Dramatics Within

by Dleep Kumar Rathore TS2B

During the lunch and Friday prayer break a group of first year students came and asked me about the importance of the TISF and its elections held annually which I deeply appreciated. I assumed my reply had satisfied these youngsters and had created a desire amongst them to work for the TISF in the coming year not knowing what was going through their minds.
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Design Students head to Hala

An educational trip was arranged by the Design Department for design students of First, Second and Fourth Years to Hala, Bhit Shah, Matayari and Hyderabad. Some 50 odd students, including faculty members, left for Hala on Friday at 2 pm. They will be back Sunday evening. Parents of First Years were also at TIP to see them of.

Some students were not willing to go because of the heat in these areas, especially with Lower Sind undergoing a heat wave this October. What do you think? Will they enjoy their trip at 44 C?