A talk by Mr. Nasir Bhalla

by Saad Ali

Friday 25th February 2005 proved to be another informative and constructive day for the final year students particularly, as they had a chance to hear the director operations YTM, Mr. Nasir Bhalla. The speaker embarked upon the current trade scene with reference to textile and clothing business. He stressed upon the need for Pakistan’s textile industry to encourage innovation and research if it wanted to stay competitive and profitable. The speaker forecasted supply chain management as the biggest challenge in coming years. According to him the time period for the production and shipment of goods would be required to reduce as retailers demand would go up. For example Wal Mart would give 14 days to complete the order, JC penny, 7 days and Target would pick up goods anytime from the factory’s inventory. The lecture followed with some smart and thought provoking questions by the students among whom Ali Raza Merchant, Saad Ali and Ahsan Bari were prominent.

Dhamal carnival

The dhamal carnival was no doubt a success and the credit goes to Shehryar and his cabinet and to all those students who actively participated in this mega event. TISF is nothing without the students and only students can bring life to an event such as the carnival.

The lightings and the decorations depicted those of a desi atmosphere as it was the theme, the outfits; the chunaris, the dhotis, the ajraks and the kurtas brought life and color to the surroundings. Never have I seen the lake so beautiful, the exterior of the lake was lightened up and the famous TIP tower was also dazzling, surrounded by lights and colorful mutkas.

The arrangement of stalls was also according to the theme with ajraks and ghanas which were used to decorate the stalls making it look like a desi dhaba. Initially students were more interested in the stalls but as the talent show started, slowly and gradually people settled down and enjoyed the performances by our students. The piece that stole the show was by the second years in which they imitated mailas and the burger wannabes of TIP. Musical performances by the hostel residents and Saad and Ali and by first years made the talent show exciting and fun to watch.

It was also refreshing to see the texperts enjoying the festivity, visiting the stalls, dedicating songs to each other and mingling with the future texperts. A huge crowd (compared to previous years) stayed back for the movie night in the open air theater. Overall it was an event which was enjoyed by students as well as faculty members and texperts.

Achievements recognized

Certificates were awarded to particular students for their academic and sports achievements in a ceremony held at the main campus on 15th September 2004. Students were recognized for their sports activities (runners up, for tournaments we were supposed to take part in but didn’t and for a 101 other reasons) and also for their academic achievements for the spring semester 2003 and the fall semester 2004. This award ceremony which has become a ritual attracted about 230 students, 182 awards were supposed to be given out while many sportsmen were given 3 or more awards for taking part in a number of sporting activities.

Most of those who attended this ceremony walked out with at least one certificate and some of them didn’t even know why they were honored. The academic awards went on smoothly, in this case only those students were recognized who actually scored a GPA good enough to be enlisted in the dean’s or the president’s list.

Too many certificates were given away on the occasion; even the President deserved one for giving away a record number. Perhaps the motive behind the occasion was not only to recognize the best but also to thank the participants.

Those who didn’t win anything need not worry coz they were the unique ones, the very few who escaped this hap hazard ceremony without a certificate:)

At the end everyone was happy, those honored were given a treat in the cafe. Such rituals are a good sign that this institution encourages active participation in all other walks as well other than studies, especially sports which does need a lot of attention. However the fate of the recognition for the debate competition and the dramatics competition which TIP won at IBA still remains uncertain. It is quite strange that the strangest of achievements were recognized in this ceremony but no heed was paid to those who made their mark on foreign soil.

Congratulations to all students for their achievements. All the best to future sportsmen and achievers.


Did you ever do something weird? Or do you feel guilty about something related to your past and have always wanted to share it anonymously with the rest of the world? Then here is your chance, CONFESS

E.g. I confess, “I drank a chicken’s blood when I was twelve and it sure did feel good with a bit of sugar.”

Write in your confession on a piece of paper and drop them in the CONFESSION BOX placed in the library and we’ll make sure that it reaches the rest of the world.

You don’t have to put your name on the confession; it’s your only chance to get it off your chest.


The uncensored history of Valentine’s Day, by Matthew Sakey

TIPians get ready to celebrate what we hope to be a fun filled event on friday and lets see if you can tell the words to your Valentine.
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Especially for you

Well Quack has certainly slowed down and there aren’t many articles coming on nowadays so lets try something new. I got this piece from somewhere, you probably read this before, but I’d like to share this with you! 🙂

Heaven’s Grocery Store

While walking down life’s highway a long time ago, I ran across a sign one day that read: “Heaven’s Grocery Store.” As I got a little closer, the door opened wide and I suddenly found myself standing inside.

I saw a host of Angels. They were standing everywhere. One offered me a shopping cart and said, “My Child, shop with care.”

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Quack, the TIP Weekly

While Quack! Online is an open forum, people have misunderstood the purpose of Quack. The purpose of Quack is that each and every student in TIP can share their views on a posted article by the Quack team, and also anybody can post an article by mailing it to Abid Omar, but from the past recent weeks I’ve been noticing that the students are posting a comment then someone criticizes their comment and then the same person strikes back with another comment.

Are we having an e-war here? If you people want to talk to talk to each other please use the channel on IRC. Not only the students are involved in this but our TISF as well. Recently the TISF was involved in a literally childish comment tide with some Dr. Carlos guy. Iit is quite traumatic to see our representatives act in such a babyish and immature manner.

Action required Abid.