Waiting for the Carnival

The TISF is planning so much to make this year jam up with entertainment. The next big event, the Fresher’s Carnival, is scheduled for October 17th. This is a carnival organized completely by the freshmen class, where students, parents, faculty, their familes, and even texperts come to enjoy the day.

We really hope that the management students come up with something as they did last year (and beat the previous show) as the most entertaining night in TIP. Hey guys if you are planning though keep in mind Ramadan is close by. If you need any help, your seniors are always there.

Second Year Students Ignored for TA jobs

Don’t know the reason, but all the applications for TA jobs from the second years was turned down except those for the computer lab and the library. Anyone who knows the reason can comment on this topic and tell the rest of us. Anyways it is encouraging to see that the administration has provided so many jobs.