Job Hunting Excersise

Every year of my five years at TIP, many students from the graduating class would come to me to ask “Sir, kaunsa job karna chahiyeh,” or “dyeing mein sub say ziadah salary miltee hai na?” and I would go through a long exercise with them. But since I am not there this year, and just in case you do need help, here is a little checklist:

* Think of the various kinds of jobs in terms of what you will be doing 5 years from now (NOT in terms of what you will be doing upon joining), and in which possible directions they can lead you.
* For each job in #1, think of one person that does that job and has been in that direction for 5 years. If you don’t know a person in the field, either research or imagine. Now think of this person’s responsibilities, routine, work timings, pay, lifestyle, and career direction.
* Now for the most important part. Understand what kind of work will suit you best. For instance, if you are a people’s person, you may want to head toward marketing; if you are into problem solving, you may like merchandising; if you are into technology, you may like dyeing etc.
* Always remember, no matter what job you choose, you will not get a good salary in the long-term for the job you get, but for what the job gets from you.
* Finally, you will spend more time at work than at home. Pick you career wisely.

There are about six months to graduation. Start hunting!!! Good luck to all.