Eid Wishes

Quack! wishes its readers a safe and prosperous Eid!

This day may not be a very joyous one for all those associated with TIP, following how unfortunate the past week has been, but one should remain optimistic about the show that must keep going on, and wish for peace, tranquility and serenity for everyone; the living and departed, all the same.

Eid Mubarak!

Mairaj, kahan chala gaya yar

Our dear friend Mairaj Bin Waqar from TS3 passed away yesterday, September 26, ’08 (26 Ramadan, 1429 A.H.) leaving behind only memories of his goodness, warmth, humility, and all the times he brought smiles on our faces.

He was traveling home to spend the end of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr holidays with his parents in Lahore when he met a tragic accident on board his train. Shaikh Adil Fareed and Awab Ahmed were some of his friends traveling with him. Attempts were made to quickly transport him to a nearby hospital but he gave in to his injuries and died on the way.

We all pray to Allah to give his family and all his friend the courage to cope with his loss, and that he be granted eternal peace and tranquility on his heavenly abode.

Mairaj, Kahan chala gaya yaar? We miss you.

Khushamdeed Taaza logon!

We’ve been saying “Welcome freshmen” for a long time now, but considering that the times have come when we should strive to maintain the Pakistan-iyat of our identity, we’ve decided to welcome you in the good ol’ mother tongue. However, thats about the extent our urdu goes. It’s disgusting- we know- and we’re not proud but hey like everything else, let’s blame it on the Establishment. Down with Evil Capitalistic forces of Evil!

We digress.

This year might be a bit different considering that Continue reading “Khushamdeed Taaza logon!”

Some remedies for the new rules

Rule: Did you know the new TIP student’s handbook says that you cannot use your iron in your hostel room without prior written permission from the warden?
Workaround: Make a point of asking everytime you see the warden. Even if you are not going to use it, just ask, just in case you do use it. Send an email to him, and CC it to a few of the faculty members too. Send an email every day, ask all the time, ask the guards to ask him. Ask him in writing, ask him over the phone, ask him now and always, for you never know, when you need to iron. Continue reading “Some remedies for the new rules”

Pink Alert: Editorial

On April 3, 2007, Quack! Offline Edition featured an article (Segregated weddings and lunch rooms) by Arsalan Ahmed which received much attention from our audience.

The points in the article were taken note of and some of them were addressed by the president, in his recent address to the students.

However, regarding thefts on campus as mentioned towards the end of Arsalan’s article, it is important that Quack!, being impartial gives an account of the loss of Mrs. Durrani’s belongings in light of recorded events.
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Featuring Sajjad!

daveme.gifSo this kid wanted his name in Quack! He asked for it. Yes he did. So that’s what we’re doing. The kid wants to be famous. He thinks having his name on Quack!, will make him famous. Yes yes Sajjad from TS1-something. We don’t know the section Why would we know the section he never told us. All he wanted was his name. These new kids. They’re not even new anymore! Damn, it’s been almost two decades.

Come on man! There are better things to write about. There’s so much happening. But no! No one’s going to come up and write anything. Instead, this kid! He has the GLOBEs (to explain the magnitude) to come up and ask me to write his name on Quack!

Ok there’s not much more I can write here. I think two paragraphs of Quack! Are enough to make someone reasonably famous.

Writers usually get more fame. You hear that Sajjad! Anyone else wants their name on Quack!? Huh? Continue reading “Featuring Sajjad!”