My idea of being a TISF President…

Someone has greatly said:

“Never talk defeat. Use words like hope, faith, belief and victory…no one can defeat us unless we first defeat ourselves”

It’s really disappointing that I couldn’t express my vision in the auditorium due to my sweet audience but never mind. Well, I strongly felt that I should satisfy all my supporters who untitledadmired me to become their representative. I have become your representative to accomplish a motive. I really want a well structured and dynamic TISF with a vision to achieve higher and superior goals and with your help and assistance I will fully utilize all of my capabilities to achieve them.

It’s a harsh fact that today the freshmen and we the students are facing the dark nights of TIP…Its time to keep ourselves together like a strong connection and over take this bad period that surely will not last long INSHALLAH. Besides some conventional events like the Freshmen Gala, theme Carnival and beach party, one of my primary focuses will be to create an amusing and entertaining environment in the surroundings of TIP throughout the year by planning small events… Continue reading “My idea of being a TISF President…”

Hostellites ke liye English mei bhi suffer aur Urdu may bhi ﺴﻓﺭ

I wonder why the hostellites are made to suffer in the hostel despite their initial ﺴﻓﺭ of over 900kms from their home cities to come and study at TIP. There are so many issues, all of which will continue to remain until someone takes mercy on us, and solve our problems.

The first problem which we face daily is the transport facility. TIP has provided us a Suzuki van, Which is not available to us even in case of an emergency. There have been many cases when we badly needed to use the van but due to official work, it couldn’t facilitate us. When we have some work to do in city, we are forced to travel by the Thatta Bus Service. Due to overloading, we have to sit on the top of the bus which is terrible! Please try and experience! To add to our misery, there is no stop near the TIP gates. They dump us at GHAGHAR PATHAK which is quite a distance from TIP and we have to ﺴﻓﺭ on foot to come back to the hostel. Continue reading “Hostellites ke liye English mei bhi suffer aur Urdu may bhi ﺴﻓﺭ”