Yank of Elements in Life

Man has always been drawn to the sea but its a unnatural setting for us, A place of great danger.Tides, Currents, Waves, Winds each presenting their own hazards none of which can be ignored, The slightest lapse of judgment can be a mistake you might never recover from but a good sailor doesn’t fight against these elements. A good Sailor works with them using them to its advantage, while others less fortunate might be forever cast a drift often and several pieces. He always comes home safely.

“Anecdotes” Source of Incentive In Life

“There is truth in saying time heals all wounds, physically the healing begins in moment and our body do all the work but when a relationship is injured some heal in a day others lay bare for the rest of our life’s, sometimes we only have to heal our self and sometimes our true work lies in healing others”

When life seems to be going perfect as you plan, then a person draws a feeling which then grows into hope which then turn into quiet thought which then turn into a quiet word and then word grows louder and louder till there is a battle cry from wind to sun, altering the perspective towards life turning negative thoughts into positive implying life is awesome, every music you hear makes you feel certain whatever this sound is, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world, it’s something that is part mathematics and part euphoria you are convinced that whatever this is it’s a gift to the world all the hurt over the flood of emotions and so it strikes you that not everyone could appreciate this miracle. The music stimulates your sorrow for those who could not hear or understand the essence of it that you feel and so you broaden your feeling by hearing the wind across the plain, a sound that is so strong that calls your name, its feels wild like the jungle and warm like the summer and at the same time your heart is apt to beating much more faster than usual implying in a language of beats Continue reading ““Anecdotes” Source of Incentive In Life”

Today’s Hercules

By Waqas-bin-Azhar, TMM2

This is the time when we are just depending on a very small communication tool. It is the thing which is very fast and effective. It is the Herculie’s for all the things that had been used by us before, like Eid Cards, Birthday Cards, Happy New Year Cards, and they now all have been defeated by this fast and most effective way of communication. You must understand for the thing that I want to describe, its none other than our conventional way of communication a SMS!!!

Well there are some of the good advantages of a SMS, but it is now being used in quite negative way. It is responsible for bringing the guys and gals on one way street, I am not criticizing anyone but I just want to critique you is that every thing has a pros and con in this world but, there are certain thing is this world that is made for pros not cons so is something else that people discover its cons once they start using therefore, SMS is one thing that is pretty much handy in terms of communication which is cheap therefore, use it in a positive way rather than a negative way.

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What Is The Story Of Your Life?

Success is a choice – and so is failure. In either case a story is written. Over a period of time this story is shared. Some stories go into history books, some to educational books, some to Hollywood/Bollywood (as true stories) but many pass by unnoticed. Does this mean they don’t have a story? They do! But in most cases it is not an original. It is a replica of many routine lives. Think about it. What is your story?

Everyday that passes by is a page in your story. You could either write this page at the beginning of the day or at the end. Choice is purely yours. Only difference is that at the beginning of the day you choose success – at the end of the day the page is given to you for reading, not writing! Continue reading “What Is The Story Of Your Life?”

Supremacy Of Attitude For Novice

Attitude perhaps is the most commonly used or abused terminology in todayØŒs business world. If you walk into a bookstore, you will find shelves filled with volumes written on power of positive thinking in the workplace, impact of positive attitude in personal or professional life, and how our attitude navigates us though success or failure?

Unfortunately, with so much information out there on how to develop a positive attitude, very little consideration is ever given to it. Attitude is taken merely as a nice word which most people use thoughtlessly in their every day vocabulary. Continue reading “Supremacy Of Attitude For Novice”

Discovering Me, Myself and I

Whose responsibility is it to develop the self? Who is going to make the difference? Who will confront the tough realities of life? Who will rise to better his economic and social condition? Who will choose to be happy and let others be happy? Who will dream and dare to make the dreams come true? Who will cooperate with others in worthwhile endeavors? Who will pray? Who will forgive? Who will apologize and mend fences? Who will listen? Who will lend a helping hand? It is the ‘I’, the ‘self’ that has to perform. The ‘I’ came to this world; the ‘I’ will die to this life; and the ‘I’ will do whatever it takes, in the interval between birth and death – no matter how long this time happens to be! There is no escaping the ‘self’, the realization that it is you, and no one else, that must initiate all thoughts and actions. This is what calls for building the ‘self’. What does it take? Where do you begin? How about starting with ‘self’ awareness!

To understand the self is to understand the universe. It is a very tall order. Whenever I ask some Continue reading “Discovering Me, Myself and I”