Lack of Lexicon

By Ahmad A. Rehman, AMM 2

Many moons ago, in the tender years of my life, I was faced by an academic challenge that was supposed to define my future, the SATs. The SATs were a test that needed to be done well, in order to cement my place in the world of higher education. The emotional trauma of the test aside, it was a difficult procedure with many different aspects to be considered, like the vocabulary lists. These were lists of strange, seldom used words that one had to show mastery on, to demonstrate you are college admission worthy.

For years after I would resent the system and question the logic of the testing services that would want students to memorize useless lists in order to score well on a test that was supposed to uncover scholastic aptitude. I was adamant and very vocal in this belief until I met Qudsia. Continue reading “Lack of Lexicon”