Workshop on Social Compliance

TIP is holding a one day intensive certification program of Social Compliance at the TIP City Campus on Saturday, 4th August 2007.

This course is beneficial for Textile Manufacturers who deal with European and American market customers and compelled to face unavoidable situation to continue business smoothly.

Program Outline:

  • Scope of Social Compliance in Pakistan and Globally
  • Responsibilities of a Compliance Manager / Officer and Coordinators
  • How to implement National Labor Laws, Buyer’s Code of Conduct
  • Compliance Manager / Officer Working Strategies

See the program outline and registration form for more details. Continue reading “Workshop on Social Compliance”

Is this the right time to ponder on…’technical texiles’

 No headway in production of ‘technical textiles’
By Shahzad Anwar

KARACHI: Pakistan still lags behind in technical textile products as neither the government nor the textile industry has made any serious efforts towards synchronizing textile products with the emerging needs of the world market by developing higher value-added products.

Although the textile sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, the government as well as the textile industry have kept their focus on conventional textiles, ignoring technical textiles and knowledge-based products.

Technical textile products are those required for special purposes such as fire fighting and protective gear, industry, aerospace, military, marine, medical, construction, geo-textile, transportation and other high-tech applications.

As competition continues to increase in the general and consumer textiles industry, even companies based in countries previously seen as low-cost producers are facing the question of how to survive in a truly global market.

Presently, Japan, Germany, the US, the UK, France and China have monopoly over knowledge-based textile sector, producing technical textiles. These countries except China have abandoned producing conventional textile products.

Traditional applications for technical textiles include tyre cords and ropes, but producers are increasingly manufacturing fibres used in high-tech products for a wider range of end uses. Industries, which are now involved in technical textiles, include agriculture, automotive, building and construction, medical/hygiene, packaging, protective clothing, sportswear and transport.

“By realising its importance, China has launched a comprehensive programme called ‘Double Incentive Scheme for Technical Textiles’, whereas India has also announced a bundle of relief package for the promotion of technical textiles in the country,” a Karachi-based textile expert told The News.

Contrary to this, only one textile mill deals in production of higher value-added products in Pakistan and in the absence of incentives from the government besides unfavourable conditions it is passing through a very difficult phase.

Pakistan also spends a huge amount of foreign exchange every year on import of higher value-added textile products in order to meet its local demand including aerospace, military, marine, medical, etc.

THE NEWS – International,
Thursday, January 11, 2007, Zill-Haj 20, 1427 A.H.

Happy New Year 2007 and Eid Mubarak

Asalaam o alaikum (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon you)

Wow! What a wonderful year 2006 … and now what a way to start the new one…Happy New Year 2007 and Eid Mubarak!

Lets pray for forgiveness,
Lets pray for success and betterment,
Lets pray for Love and Harmony,
Lets pray for each other and ourselves

Patience and Tolerance and Cooperation leads to better families … oh yeah! don’t forget the prayers for more money…we all want more of everything…

Take care and Enjoy!

Ali Hafeez Azmat

In the Finals…again (HEC Interuniversity ‘H’ Zone – Volleyball)

Dear all,

Just wanted to share the phone call I got from Greenwich University…

Its like Deja Vu. 

The last time when we participated and got qualified for Zone finals was – the first time ever we were invited to participate in HEC Inter-University Sports Games in 2003-04.  There were only three teams from our zone who had agreed to participate, therefore, the matches were held on League format – Karachi University (the host), Urdu Federal University, and Textile Institute of Pakistan.  As expected, we lost to the Defending Champions of Sindh (Karachi University), but not before telling them that TIP had arrived to the HEC organized sporting arena.

The next game scheduled was with Urdu Federal University.  Since they failed to show-up at the sport we got a walk-over i.e. without a single serve being played… Thus we had “qualified” for Islamabad as the second team from our zone.  Now, being entrants without match practice, coach, game kits, timing of the events at Islamabad and shortage of adequate funds, it was concluded to conserve our energies on events within TIP and  restrict participation till localized inter-university events only. Thus, we skipped from participating at Islamabad. 

We are back in a similar position, but this time, after playing and winning both the league games.  Finals are on Friday 3pm at the Greenwich University against Mehran University.

If the team is willing to play the finals, will you come and support?


Intra-University Debate Competition

Dear all,

Intra-university Debate Competition is planned for the SECOND Wednesday TISF slot after Eid break November 08, 2006.

This event is being held for selection of 6 candidates (3 in english and 3 in urdu) for the Provincial and National level “Allama Iqbal Shield” Debate competition, as required by the Higher Education Commission.

Students are required to confirm their interest to participate by MONDAY 6, 2006 by 3pm in writing to Mr. Yahya Ghazali.

The topics will be selected and posted by WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 01, 2006 by the linguistics faculty and Debate Society at TIP. 3 minute parliamentarian style debate format is applicable. The debate rules will be available with Mr. Yahya Ghazali, event coordinator.