TIP Love Phenomenon

Different people take love in a different meaning. In Urdu terminology, love is of two types:

  1. One is love with the God called mobahat haqiqi,
  2. and second love is with someone else other then God called mobhanat majahzi

It maybe with your parents, your brothers and sisters, your children, your family members or may be with your girlfriend. This phenomenon is very common in my age group and also in our Institute. From first year to fourth year, we can get a lot of examples (I am not giving any example myself). Some found their love very soon (might be in first year or maybe at their very first day at TIP), some found love in later years, and some didn’t find love even after three to four years. They are now saying “Challay be aao kay chaman ka karobar chalay.Continue reading “TIP Love Phenomenon”

Sparse Attendance at a Boring Basant

The tremendous crowd and the huge number of stalls predominant at any Basant Mela were sorely missedd at the TISF’s Basant Mela and Valentine’s Day on Friday the 13th. The number of food stalls, kite variety, music arrangement were all very exciting. Everywhere you saw people were singing and dancing and having a jolly good time. Love as also in the air with Valentine’s Day being celebrated at the same time.

Congratulations are due to the TISF for beginning exciting activities from the first week of the semester.

The activites of the day were followed by a live concert and a film, “Munna Bhai MBBS in accordance with Valentine’s Day. Anyone who missed these events was deprived of major quality entertainment.

A more serious issue is how to make future events more livelier and successful. It is very easy to blame the TISF for every little thing that goes wrong. But all of us should be taking some sort of responsibility. For instance, the number of people who attended the event was appalling. There was absolutely no contribution by any of the students either. Please do send in your suggestions for the future.

Talent pandora

The talent Pandora turned out to be quite an affair on Friday. It was nice to see that huge number of people stayed back for the event. This is the first time that I have seen such a huge turnout for any affair in TIP. The performances of the 1st year were worth applauding but the thing that stole the show was skit performed by Adil Marvi and his fellow colleagues .The carnival was also a success with few glitches but it was wonderfully organized. In my opinion more of such events should be organized and other universities should be invited to participate in them that would make the whole affair a lot more spicy and interesting. Last but not the least were contributions by our faculty members few of them showed up Mr. Sajjad Ghee Wala was suddenly dressed up for the occasion. Mr. Shakeel Ahmed also congratulated many of the students on arranging such a successful event.

No Rock n Roll in Student Centre

Last week some students along with Sajjad Gheewala (Marketing Lecturer) desperately tried to get a music system for the cafeteria. After numerous trips to Saddar and Jackson Market, and even one trip to Sher Shah!, the most cost effective system was decided upon; 10 speakers and 2 subwoofers coupled with twin amplifiers to provide a long-term surround sound solution in the cafeteria, all within Rs. 15,000.

The idea was shot down by Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, our President, on the grounds that:

* It will cause conflicts between students, some listen to Punjabi, some to Rock, and others to Junaid Jamshed. Whatever will happen when all these groups want to play their own music?!

* The caterers in charge of our cafeteria are responsible for such ‘accessories’.
To the first point I can safely assume that all of us are adults and can behave like adults (when we want to!). I’m sure we won’t have any differences in letting outher play their choice of music, especially when each student would have contributed to the sound system. And to the second point is that our caterers should try to learn to cook proper food and then think about the other things.