If not the daily Dawn… then Quackonline!

Nothing special… just an opinion This is in response to Irfan Hussain’s “Moral Black Holes Of Our Times” published Saturday August 15th 2009 among the editorials. Unfortunately, this never got to see the light so I figured why not just post it here instead of letting it go to waste. I guess i’m not used to being under the cutting board of another editor yet. Those of you who followed the article might understand, while those of you who didn’t will probably be saying “WTF!” Anyway, here it goes.

On ‘Moral Black holes…’

War and terror have done nothing more than killing innocent people; that is needless to say. In fact, sometimes I wonder why people even bother bringing up the numbers or merely this point just to prove their case. But when hunting down people like Mehsud, this is a price a nation has to pay. After all, the man in question isn’t just your run of the mill criminal. I don’t intend to support US led drone attacks; rather I look at Mehsud’s death as good old fashioned karma. His suicide bombers destroyed families and orphaned countless children and now the death of him and his lady have brought back the same fate upon his own.

Though what I find more ironic is how the ‘western’ man will first accuse the terrorist of committing crimes against humanity, and then upon his death will accuse those who brought him down of murdering innocent people. So it clearly isn’t us (or you) who need a reality check! Continue reading “If not the daily Dawn… then Quackonline!”


… And after almost an eternity… I return!

Feels good to be back… though I highly doubt I’m getting a warm welcome, didn’t really leave on a very pleasant note. So… for those of you who know me… “Howdy”… and for those of you who don’t know me… don’t ask the people who do know me because I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything nice to say about me. Lies, nothing but lies I tell you…! Only time will reveal all.

Anyway, as I struggle to rise from my epic failure, I feel as if I’ve lost a big part of myself somewhere so deep and dark, almost unreachable. The art, the talent, my words, thoughts and most importantly the desire to go on… all gone… with the wind! And all that’s left behind is me sitting here on my desktop desperately trying to complete this, absolutely clueless.

There was a time when La Dixit was everywhere around me; my desktop background, my MSN display, even on my Windows log-in icon. I had compiled a gallery of over 3000 pictures of her more than half of those being DVD rips. And now… she’s no more there despite that horrendous effort by Aditya Chopra. I’ve become like the ‘other’ male lead in a typical Bollywood love triangle who after three hours of rain and romance walks away with the thorns and not the rose. Uninspired… unmotivated… almost as if my heart stopped going ‘dhak dhak’ in tune with her ghungroos. Continue reading “ZOMG!”

I Am Writing… Only To Be Misinterpreted Once Again!

Yet another time I find myself in the midst of a controversy after expressing my views in my manner. Nonetheless, it is still my responsibility to clarify all that which is being misinterpreted with much enthusiasm. So here it goes; a bold attempt… to explain another!

There goes an old saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. The same applies in the current situation. Just because a publication has the impression of a couple sharing intimacy on its title, it does not in any case imply that the publication is rated or as some insist on calling it – a porn magazine. The cover of a magazine or a book, or for that matter even a DVD or CD, is normally made to be its selling point. And in this case, it is still not as extreme as an actual rated magazine would be. So please… enough with the overdoing! The cover was merely designed to grab the viewers’ attention and to compliment the editorial to a lesser extent. How you perceive it determines how perverted you are!

Talking Textures 2006-07 was conceived with the idea of being wholly and solely a ‘students’ magazine. It is a blatant reflection of the taste of the average college goers’ sense of humor. Continue reading “I Am Writing… Only To Be Misinterpreted Once Again!”

Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture

Ahhh it feels good to be back after D!’s D!sgraceful D!ownfall and a prolonged voluntary sabbatical!

A job hunt can sometimes be quite a dirty experience. Who might have ever though that even the oooh so sacred textile and fashion industry is full of gossip-able idiots as well! It just doesn’t stop getting better does it?

The first handful of them came along right after I graduated back in June. I was called in for an interview at the well-renowned [Ed: Company name removed]. Now for those of you who don’t know this, a designer whenever called for an interview is supposed to take along with him or herself one’s portfolio. Of course if you’re a guy it is a must because that’s the only way the saiths of our textile industry would actually consider hiring you! For the women, the criteria differ. I being smart and tech-savvy, I took visuals of my work in a flash drive rather than carrying the entire pile of workload that weighed more than a dead cow. Continue reading “Keachar Feature IV – Industrial Sludge Makes Keachar Couture”

Keachar Feature III – I Like To Capitalize My Ds

Back from the toilet. Excuse me… but I have weak digestion, especially when it comes to heavy food!

And if there are some of you who thought that was alright, well then I’ve got more lined up. No it’s not Frizy Prizy’s afternoon menu. I mean… I Do have a life! It’s TS2-D!’s natural affinity for Drag. I mean… I really Do have a life!

Okay so guys cross-Dressing and then pretending to be supermodels were probably still remotely acceptable. But these D! people really crossed the line this time with extramarital affairs. Or should I say it’s their sub-conscience silently whispering homosexual D!esires into their ears. How D!emented is that! Oh wait. I forgot. They’re from TS2-D! These D!esires are inherent! So; what was the play called. Desperate Housewives? Continue reading “Keachar Feature III – I Like To Capitalize My Ds”

Chor Machaye Shor

Well not actually. It’s the one who gets robbed who makes the noise rather than the robber!

So the string of on-campus robberies continues and an innocent soul is tortured yet again. And this time that innocent soul is none other than the writer himself! Though after my recent outbursts many people in higher places would probably disagree with this description of myself! But hey, I’m going to be leaving within the next three weeks! Why bother me now?
Continue reading “Chor Machaye Shor”

Keachar Feature II – Eenton Ke Saath Pakaorhay

While Prince Charming Nomzy Pomzy might have a fetish for fulfilling girly chores for his lovely, I seem to be developing a fetish for talking about people whose nicknames end with ‘zy’. Like Firzy Pirzy… any guesses on who this one is… hmm hmm?

Okay so there’s no point in me gossiping about his love life as he’s the editor of quack and he would chop my editorial into a million pieces on my explicitness. Besides… we all know that he’s happily married off to two and has a psycho lover after him as well. And neither does he have a nail polish fetish! So then what else to talk about Continue reading “Keachar Feature II – Eenton Ke Saath Pakaorhay”