New Editor on the Block!

Yes, it’s time to make it official peeps. With seriously no more than 3 days left for me to graduate, it’s time to pass on the baton. While it’s true that not many raise their hands when asked to contribute towards Quack!, this semester the Quack! Online team was fortunate enough to spot an ambitious writer who not only contributed when approached, but asked to be part of the troupe.

Former Editors, avid readers and our beloved followers, please join me in welcoming Meera Moiz Khan as the new Editor of Quack! Online.

Her professional style with a much needed desi touch adds interest and applause from the entire audience. I wish her the best of luck and have no doubts in her bright future as a popular writer. Have no fear in putting up what comes to mind. As long as you maintain that level of integrity in your writing, you have no one to be afraid of. And yes, I mean no one.


Texperts with their Coffee!

Alas the much awaited event took place today on the 2nd of April, 2014. Textile Institute Entrepreneurial Society under the leadership of their new president organized Coffee with Texperts and amongst a large cluster, called upon 3 well established Texperts in the industry today.

The three honourable guests who graced us with their presence were (senior pehlay) Syed Moosa Shahrukh from the batch of 1999, Hassan Ali Baig from the batch of 2002 and Sharjeel Zafar who graduated in 2010. 3 Texperts of different genres, with three different experience levels and three different ways to answer the questions put forward to them.

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Nothing Has Happened

I must say I’m overjoyed to post the following article as it is contributed by a first year student. And all I had to do was ask her once. Now how often does that happen? From a sarcasm point of view, its’s brilliant! Enjoy the work of Meera Moiz Khan of AMM – 1B.

It has been almost than 3 weeks since TIP inaugurated this new semester and-well- nothing monumental has happened here. Now let me be clear: when I say nothing “monumental” has happened it doesn’t mean that TIP did nothing in these starting weeks.

Next, there was this totally awesome guest speaker session which did left us entranced…

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The 19th Annual Convocation

The last Sunday of January 2014 saw another batch of TIP enter and leave the gates for officially the last time.
Jamil of TS-1 narrates his experiences of the day.

The fourteenth annual convocation ceremony was held on 26th January 2014. With that TIP has completed its 19 years of imparting professional knowledge. It was a day when 52 students graduated and rightfully earned their bachelors degrees. It was an honour for me to host this grand occasion alongside Insia Ali Baloch of TMM-1.

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A Rising Society: DramaTIPS

This past Friday, TIPians were given the distinct pleasure to witness yet another stage performance by the institute’s rising dramatics society.

Aleesha Hussain of TMM-1 explains the happenings of the day, as well as the success story of the society so far…

22nd Nov ’13  29th Nov ’13: DramaTIPS brought in another play ‘HAYE ABBA JAAN’ this semester directed by a graduate of National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan, which ended up as another huge success even after its 1 week delay due to a strike in the city. The DramaTIPS was started last year (2012) by a handful of students. The first comedy play Bari Dair ki Mehrbaan Atay Atay intiated the society which was performed by a cast of 9 people. It received overwhelming feedback and was performed at numerous places & events. It also bagged the ‘BEST SCRIPT’ Award in National University of Science & Technology (FAST)’s Inter Drama Competition on 27/11/2013.

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TIP: Terrifying Institute of Pakistan

From what had been a scarred and patchy semester, it seems that the TIP administration is trying its extreme best to make things from bad to worse for the current student body. Since the month of September, 3 students have been suspended for the entire semester on the grounds of ragging a first year student. They were from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year; all of the acclaimed seniors. And today, the 19th of November, a 4th student was accused of the same crime and asked to vacate the premises immediately.

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4th year Victorious On The Cricket Ground

With the Sports society coming back to life in the spring semester, Cricket Tournament  for the students of TIP was conducted by Sportex Society – TIP. The newly formed cricket ground was prepared to host the event for the first time, as the players had just about enough of playing cricket in the basketball court, where they could hit huge shots on the Leg side.

The format was such that teams had to be formed year-wise. For instance, 1st year students could only play alongside other 1st year students and so was the case with the 2nd, 3rd & 4th years. Each match was played 6 overs each side where one bowler could bowl a maximum of 2. And yes the Leg side was open to all kinds of shots. A special sound-system arrangement was made so that someone could connect their phone and play a few “item” songs,  and also for some of the more talented people to show their skill at commentating.

The first match was played between the teams of 1st and 3rd year students. After a thrilling performance by the 1st years batting first, a target of 110 was set. The 3rd year team had a wonderful start and were in their 80’s after the 4th over. But rapid loss of wickets could only enable them to make 102 in the allowed overs. The 2nd match was amongst the 4th years and the 2nd years. It seemed a rather one sided affair as the seniors compiled a total of 115, whereas the freshies could match that score with a mere 78. A good effort none the less.

In the knock out stages, the maximum overs were reduced to 5. The 2nd years took on the 3rd years and gave the 3rd years a target of 56 to chase. An easy target taken up rather too easily as the older folks were restricted to just 49 runs. In the second knock out, 4th years took the sophomores and were again successful in putting up a big score of 112 on the board. The 2nd years could only come up with 66 as they were bowled out by the seniors in 4 overs.

The Final took place between the dominating 4th years, and the talented firsties. As all finals turn out to be, this was a well competed match. The “baray log” batted first and put a good 88 runs. The “chhotay” gave in their best to scoop a victory, but could only get to the 73 run mark in the allotted overs.


The 4th year team took home the prize money, which if I’m not wrong, was Rs. 4000. The organizers did a fairly good job in hosting the event with a budget of Rs. 10,000. A lot more such events are rumoured to be forth coming. Quack! Online will definitely keep its readers posted!