TISF reforms – vanquish the lakeer!!

Indeed, TISF has no doubt been arranging events successfully. They should be commended for all their hard work they do in order to entertain the masses and then listen to every negative comment that is on offer which also includes “paisay kha liye”. Hats off to all the people associated with TISF in any capacity.

But the real reason for its coming into existence has been lost somewhere and it is now only working as an event management committee, as Sarim rightfully pointed out.

The TISF website reads “TISF is as old as TIP.  The need for a common student’s voice was felt as soon as the first academic session started at TIP, so that student problems could be communicated to the management effectively.”

This is not the case at all, currently. So much so that over the years, due to our negligence Continue reading “TISF reforms – vanquish the lakeer!!”