What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?

What is the first thing that you get to hear when you tell someone that you are a grad or an undergrad from TIP?

Is it “ Uhm..can you tell me exactly where this is located?

Or, “Oh wow! Beautiful campus, hun! Wonderful lake that you have got there!”

Or,  “ Okay. I have heard Texperts are kindov spoilt; they aren’t as hardworking as NEDians you know”

Or, ” That’s nice, you know their designers are so much better than Indus.”

Or something else. Continue reading “What is it about TIP that makes TIP, TIP?”

Why we do what we do!

Research in textile is a ridiculously funny idea! What can you possibly explore in a unit or so inch long simple cellulosic material?!

Generally speaking, yes, research is exciting, challenging and we all find ourselves discussing about that Hydron machinery that sought to replicate Big Bang. We all remember Dolly, the cloned sheep too well. Deep down, we wonder in awe about how anyone can so radically change our concepts about space-time being intertwined, and how the heck was modern logic discovered which gradually progressed into modern digital computing.

…but textile research? What can it possibly discover? Fine, we can have a fabric more finer, more stronger. We can do a tad bit of this and a tad bit of that to increase production, decrease energy consumption. But somehow these news only find space in a boring editorial of a rendezvous magazine. That’s it.

And well, there is some research in textile taking place in some western countries, and gradually it will trickle down to us. So what is the fuss about this textile research centre in Pakistan and that also right at the top of our heads?? Who cares? Seriously??!

The thing is that, though we do humbly accept that Continue reading “Why we do what we do!”