An Open Letter to Mohammad Saiq Lakhani

Recently, Saiq saab wrote a comment making various invalid claims on my article ‘Attempted Mass murder at TIP’. As I sat down to type a reply I concluded that it needed a proper article in reply rather then a comment.

Saiq, I will thank you if in future you realize while writing that other peoples’ time is also precious as it is extremely annoying to correct your English and typing mistakes! Which I have been kind enough to sift through so atleast my readers don’t have to go through the same torment twice.

Anyway, here’s what I have to say about your claims.
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Attempted Mass Murder at TIP: The Aftermath

Writing my previous article I thought, I will rest after finding out whose idea was ‘Annual Day’, but it seems like more unrest awaits me.

The ‘Annual day’ in itself would not have been a bad idea, had it been executed properly with some thought and proper planning. New ideas are always welcome; it’s a breakaway from the monotony we get ourselves into. So is the case with ‘Annual Day’, but it’s also true that if you are unable to sell your idea to people then no matter how much good was intended, it will be rated as a “Flop”. It was up to TISF to introduce, promote and force it down people’s throat, because that is how the ideas are ever accepted if they are good enough. You have to hammer it in to people’s mind.

So did TISF introduce the ‘Annual Day’ to the student body? I have been told that the third year was supposed to take charge of the event and class representatives were informed of the event. Does it sound like selling a new idea? Merely informing? Did TISF not know whose reputation would be at stake if this event flopped?? Not the third years but TISF.
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Attempted mass murder at TIP

Ever heard of people passing out due to sheer boredom? Well, had the students not decided to desert the auditorium on Friday the 11th, the TISF could have bored them to death!

Annual day? Whose brain child was that? And who named that child, a most inappropriate name, because it wasn’t a ‘day’ anyway. TISF should realize that it is not supposed to put up ‘events’ which can have potentially fatal consequences on students’ mental health. Frankly, sitting through those hours after a day full of lectures wasn’t anything less then an ordeal. The whole event was a picture of mismanagement and lack of planning, even though the event had been postponed twice earlier.

For those who were blessed enough to not to be there, ‘Annual Day’ primarily featured song dedications for the graduating class. TDT4 being an exception because with the air conditioning switched off in the torturous heat, the students finally decided to take their survival into their own hands and made a mad dash out the auditorium before they either suffocated or got bored to death. I believe the TISF had planned to make it seem as if the students had suffocated to death and place the blame on the management. Fortunately for us, that didn’t work either. Continue reading “Attempted mass murder at TIP”

Re:Rebellion for Dummies (Read Wannabe Rebels)

By Farrukh Sham

By an anonymous but regular author of Quack!
I don’t know what the author is trying to qualify for?

Cause you never know how the administration would react!
So scared a dear old Tipian and yet wishes to be Martin Luther King of TIP by voicing opinion of the masses… (I must not roll my eyes!)

Here’s a surefire way to make sure that you have a rebellion…

Oh, really!
Break every tradition in the book and make sure that the students are publicly humiliated. How? (Um I Dunno, Like Ban Ragging!)

I think it was about time we made a decision about how we want to be known as an institution and as individuals. And would u care to mention any ‘public humiliation incident’ that took place after the ban??? In fact from what I have heard and observed some first year students, taking advantage of the favor given to them, have become insolent and rude towards the seniors. So you see the Ganga is flowing the other way now!

Increase the Fee of the Hostel …. No room for 50 students in a hostel that can accommodate over 150. Makes Sense.)

You seem to make a point here though I have heard that karachites have now been allowed to use the dorms.
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