Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?

‘Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?’, Kazim Alam explores this thought on Express Tribune Business Pages by building up on the results of a recent survey highlighting management students’ aversion from venturing into the entrepreneurial realm.

KARACHI: During an interactive session held in connection with the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2011, the moderator asked a sizeable group of management students present in the audience if they wanted to be entrepreneurs after graduation.

Hardly 20% replied affirmatively. The rest of them said they would rather get a secure job, preferably at a multinational, which promised a steady income and growth.

Are our business schools turning out good employees while killing the entrepreneurial spirit of potential business leaders of tomorrow?

According to Haris Hamdani – who graduated from a private university in 2009 and now runs a clothing brand for men namely Red Tree – career counselling at the undergraduate level was more about getting a stable job instead of entrepreneurship.

“As such, there was no encouragement to be an entrepreneur. There was not even an entrepreneurs’ society at my university. I’ve heard now they’ve established one,” said Hamdani, who set up his first retail outlet at Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road in July 2010 in partnership with three of his classmates. Continue reading “Are business schools killing the entrepreneurial spirit?”

Quack! Online’s new face!

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Welcome aboard as editor, Asad.

Why this Silence?

There was a time in the history of this campus when the grass was greener, the birds more melodious, and the students livelier.

The management wasn’t responsible for that. The students were.

Bring it back. Continue reading “Why this Silence?”

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