University Ranking Blues

When considering possible foreign universities to apply to for higher education, how exactly do you decide where to apply? The criteria for most people does not go beyond the most important basics – cost of university tuitions, courses offered, application and scope, scholarship possibilities, overall expenses, job market demand and of course, very importantly, university rankings! The latter being most controversial of them all!

University rankings can be controversial because there are over 10 international university ranking systems and hardly any two have results that are similar enough to be trusted or averaged out. For instance, the prestigious University of Oxford can be found anywhere between top 10 to top 50 universities worldwide.

If these so called professional systems follow the absurdities of either whim-based decision making, or one focused on fame, wealth and exclusivity, can we really trust them?

Sharing an analysis on the same issue, let’s have a look at what scientificblogging has to say:

Thousands of high school students are currently deliberating over which university to attend next year. But which are the best? A study published in the open access journal BMC Medicine warns against using international rankings of universities to answer this question. They are misleading and should be abandoned, the study concludes. Continue reading “University Ranking Blues”

Who do u think you are?

Four years of progressive education, lots of executive and technical training programs, learning about change management and so on – makes you think you’re ready to take the bull called life by its horns, right?  Stop right there!

You are venturing into an industry that feels strongly but negatively towards change. If you feel you study in a terrible institution, change your attitude. You’re better than most of the people you will encounter in the textile industry. They’ll feel threatened by you, try to bring you down at every step, prove you wrong and stupid and treat you like a nobody. Some people will even prove to you what an idiot you are if you suggest a free upgrade in the ancient word processing software they make everyone use. Those presently studying –  if you enter the industry demotivated, you’re dead, because you haven’t seen what demotivation is – yet.

Take the bull called life by its horns and tame it. Nobody ever made anything better by not doing anything about it. Difficult people and situations are an essential part of life. Learn to deal with them by embracing their sorry existence, and you can be sure you’re on the right track!

Business Communication Basics: Cover Letter

I recently had a chat with a third year business student from TIP regarding her upcoming internship, and was shocked to learn she had no idea what a ‘cover letter‘ was! If these important basics are not taught to aspiring business managers in their ‘Business Communication’ courses, what exactly is?

Well, worry not, for you can always rely on Quack! We’ve carefully selected an excellent video for you that aims to teach you how to write your first cover letter.

Degree Show ’09


Textile Design Degree Show by the graduating batch of 2009 will commence on Friday, 22nd of May, ’09, and will run until Friday, 29th of May, ’09, daily, between 9:00am – 4:00pm at the Bin Qasim campus.

The Textile Institute of Pakistan Bin Qasim campus located along the National Highway next to the Fauji Fertilizer factory is a purpose built campus where textile design, science and management degree programs are conducted.

You’re all invited to visit along with your friends and family.

“Internships are useless!” -JJ

15052009037-smallTIP was honoured by a visit from Junaid Jamshed, singer turned preacher, this Friday afternoon. During the 90 minute session in front of an audience packed lecture theater, he touched upon turning points of his life, faith in general, and numerous aspects of an ideal Islamic life.

Among other issues, he discussed faith based business practices, social evils in people, and triumphs of the Tableeghi Jamaat which he represents. He also stressed upon how most of the people who call themselves Muslims have deviated from the ideal teachings of the doctrine and Prophet (pbuh), leaving behind the spiritual and worldly benefits they provide.

JJ further elaborated over how he believes that joining the mission he represents is the correct way to undo the deviations people have fallen into.

He ended his sermon by inviting all students to commit to the activities of the Tableeghi Jamaat instead of “wasting” their upcoming 3 month vacations in industry internships which he believes are “useless” and “exploitative”.

One would like to appreciate TIP and all active societies of TISF for arranging lectures of all guest speakers from diverse fields. It is always interesting to listen to views of people from a variety of fields and schools of thought. I’m sure most people must feel the same.

Bye Bye Plagiarism

Dear Faculty members who C.A.R.E! I’m sure it must take you all a long time to meticulously go through every assignment (that I’m sure each of you do) to catch and punish plagiarism. Especially since our institution does not yet have one of those sophisticated software that catch cheaters by the throat.

No worries. We now have websites that offer services and software that will help you do all of the above with almost as much efficiency free of cost. Take this website for example. All you have to do is register, download plug in, install, and there you are – all set to kill plagiarism.

This is just one example. There are plenty of other free websites and software available.

For those who are not too sure what plagiarism is all about, here’s a public service video for all and sundry. Enjoy!

Students: Beware!