Finding ‘Miss Right’ in a world so wrong

by Hassan Khalid

Nowadays, guys are more obsessed with the worry of finding a perfect match for themselves, than they had ever been in the past. Some amongst us might say frowning, “Phewww I have never had paid heed towards this issue� and some might shrug and exclaim, “That’s not a big blue for me, I am damn confident when it comes to “chicks.” Whatever, but by and large, this finding is indigenous rather indispensable in every guys mind.
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I am sure that you will vote for me!

by Hassan Khalid TS3

“What the heck? Elections are upon us again.” These words were uttered by an ordinary entity (me) as soon as I heard that we are again on the verge of this wicked game that in political dictionary finds it’s presence as the elections. Who says that the dirtiest possible leg pulling & back stabbing is witnessed when elections are held on the national level? Just what you have to do is look around and ponder a little on what’s going around nowadays in our campus. If still someone is reluctant or unable to ponder (due to the fear of chewing his brain out, smiles) then I can very well do the task. Back biting, false claims, dirty brain washing and summing up all “an unending battle with an unclear objective” is making waves every where.
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Meet the paparazzi

By Hassan Khalid (TS3)

As the hot summer is on its way, issues which are even hotter are brewing within the premises of our campus. Nopes, I am not going in to the clumsy details of the elections but the ongoing state of vengeance between the two genders (guys and the girls).

During the last two weeks, a couple of such strife has been reported but right now I am going to unveil just one. Two guys from third year (sciences) were having shakes at the shake corner of Iqbal Ahmed Student Center and the poor chaps less knew that they about to have electric shocks along with the shakes.
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The Story Behind The Thatta Bus Situation

A Quack! Online Special… It all began with a phone call!

On the phone, Ammar Saif was heard saying “I am in a serious problem & it doesn’t seem that these guys (2 bus conductors) are going to let go off me that easily.” This was the time when a bunch of guys were sitting in the Hostel TV room, and they suddenly came across such a dramatic situation that they had never dealt with before. Its needless and at the same time useless to elaborate the aftermath of the decision that was eventually taken to subside the threat that was upon Ammar Saif. But its worth mentioning point is that had any one seen the battered face of Ammar Saif at the very moment he was rescued out of the bus, one surely would have feelings for him. A very respectful and and influential member of TIP management has been heard as saying that “agar Ammar Saif ko mara haii too nishan kahan haiin?

I would like to answer this senseless query by an equally silly question “Agar guards koo mara gayaa haii too nishan kahan haiin?
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