A Freshman’s View on TIP

Something at the back of mind told me that my experience at TIP would be nothing different than what I had in my college. Same old boring routine, waking up, going to school, studies, coming home, studying again, the same old boring life.

But TIP wasn’t at all as to what I perceived. The magnificent entrance, the amazing campus, the beautiful landscape, the state-of-the-art computer labs, the co-operative teachers, the wonderful seniors (especially Abid), the gguuurrllsss, and yeah yeah the boys.

Seniors have fun while ragging, but frankly, it is we freshmen that enjoy the most. In spite of bring made to fly like a bird, in spite of being made a make-over, in spite of being made to act like a chuckling chicken, in spite of being made to sing and dance, in spite of being humiliated and bossed around, I actually made very good friends.

Suddenly, my old tiresome routine has faded away. I come home, ponder over the memorable activities of the whole day, find ample time for my studies, wake up and excitedly look forward to what TIP has planned for me.

So many changes and yet its only been 2 weeks!