Yet another Semester…

Fall Semester 2013 started with dull pace as the campus looked way emptier than ever before except for the smoking area which gave a splendid scene of the grassy land, the textured architecture, the semi-barren cricket ground and the unique birds and insects that are only seen in TIP.

To start with some good news, I feel proud to share that we celebrate a decade of our online newsletter Quack Online this year. Quack, besides being dormant for some time now, still proved to be the only most successful forums of TIP and a true representation of the student life at TIP. I thank the editors who trusted me with its responsibility but as we enter into our final year, we expect students to stand up, feel proud and start quacking.

Moving on, a heartiest welcome to all the freshmen in the semester of Fall 2013. I wish you all a promising and bright future in the field of textiles. We expect you to understand the importance, norms, environment, values and all the prospects of this institute that will help you in your struggle of prosperity and become worthy of being called a “Texpert“.

Some other news from the campus: Ragging is yet again “strictly banned” because of some recent incidents from some ‘self-called senior second year’ students and ruined all the joyful, passive-constructive and interactive bonding process between the respected seniors and the enthusiastic freshmen. Although I admit that these sessions may get a bit ‘over-rated’ at times but only when it comes down to respect and the arrogant attitude of the freshmen but i should advice the administration to be lenient and less concerned about such activities so to teach them how to adjust in different environments, tackle situations with confidence, respond in the most suitable manner and to groom their personality by observing the personality of the people more experienced than them which includes the honored faculty and the ever-caring seniors. very sorry to turn this fact in that if you don’t teach them to give respect to people with whom they spend their entire day, don’t expect them to respect you for even a single session of mere 1.5 hours.

In the end, we expect our new Associate Dean, Sir Umair Saeed to kindly look up in this matter and to provide us with a positive feedback because we experienced and tolerated much more brutal personal experiences, but that helped us by teaching us not to be the people that we experienced. We appreciate discipline, but we are adults, and we should be strong enough to handle our matters without the involvement of our parents and within the boundaries of this campus.

Getting back on track

As the first month of Spring 2013 passed by, it proved to be better than the entire semester of Fall 2012. Active members of the societies working together into different initiatives for the betterment of student life was experienced by most of the students but still they feel surprised that a whole month has passed of this semester.

First of all, I on behalf of Quack online would like to welcome the freshmen for this semester. We hope to see them here for a longer period of time and expect them to be hilarious and amazing in the upcoming Freshmen Gala rather than finding them leaning in the cafeteria corner or enjoying the beautiful wind and view near the tower. For sure, this is a waste of talent and enthusiasm which u might realize later. Continue reading “Getting back on track”

We won… Experience Karachi 2012

Who would have thought that a bunch of people from a university not widely known will bag most of the awards by their remarkable thoughts and determination at an internationally acclaimed event? Well, I feel proud to be a part of such an amazing group of 11 students who represented TIP and actually made that happen.

I, Mohammad Ahsan Shah accompanied by Asad Jafri, Owais Zaki, Mohammad Ikram-ul-Haq, Adeel Aftab, Zehra Talat Abbas, Alizeh Ahmed, Fatema Millwala, Shaiza Jamshed, Iqra Jan Brohi and Iqra Izhar voluntary submitted applications and were lucky enough to be selected to participate in Experience Karachi 2012.

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The Freshmen Say…

As the most amazing weeks to admire the beauty of TIP came to an end at the campus this semester, the university has become quite serious in terms of studies as the way I see it. The freshmen got along quite well with the campus and some may have got quite far with the others up till now.

In terms of happenings, so far only one cricket tournament has happened. Apart from that, meetings of independent societies like TiES and some other societies like Dramatics Society was held. Only one concern which is that apart from appreciating another society going independent, I would like to correct the newly formed respective president of the society that KINDLY provide valid information to the juniors rather than announcing that TISF (which is unfortunately no more) will have its student body elections soon.

On the good part, the freshmen have been quite supportive (surprisingly) to contribute their views for Quack Online! So far let’s hear what the students has to say:

“Well, here in TIP nothing happened as such so far.
What can I say about this institution? It’s truly beautiful and full of nature which adds more to life. The second amazing part is the faculty which is so cooperative which makes this institute one of the best!
Moving on, I would like to share about the seniors. Seniors are full of life, they guided us from the very first day till now but they don’t know how to RAG. Yeah I know it’s unofficial, but still they did ragging but it was not a big deal. However, it was fun though I did not like it every time.
I would like to add that though it has been too soon to start criticizing on some issues, but the cafeteria needs a lot of work. It is not as good as it could be or maybe not maintained well as I see it.
Hope to enjoy the most of the coming years.”
Tayyaba Fasihi – FDM1

“My opinion about the first day at TIP was a little boring and quite tiring. Everybody has a boring first day I guess.
What I did the first day was got ragged 100 times gave my intro about thousand times to every seniors I met.  Seniors are quite fun loving and good. We started with our classes the first day that was not really fair …
But in the end had a good experience with all our seniors and the teachers. Hope we have a really good time in the future semester.”

Sakina Abbas – TDT1

Lip Dub – Work in Progress

This semester came about with a number of interesting changes that most people until now seem to enjoy and didn’t claim that they are bored and  there is nothing happening at TIP. Well, except for some who are really fond of the Library and the Computer Lab, everybody seems to be active one way or another. Apart from academics, activities of TISF and the usual happenings at mostly occupied spots of the campus, there are consecutively held sessions of TIPtalk, innovation to utilize free TISF slots by TiESConnect, private parties by the Design Department and the Cricket Tournament ongoing nowadays. A fresh new addition to this list of activities is the upcoming TIP’s very own Lip Dub.

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Zain Goplani in TIPtalk

Team TiES feels great proud in giving the students of this institute some very productive and informative personalities consecutively over the past few weeks so that the students should move along the competitive world by their personal grooming and motivation to be a remarkable representation of Textile Institute of Pakistan. A recent example was the session of TIPtalk where the students enjoyed, shared, mingled shouting out loud with what they think their strengths are, and were influenced by the deep voice and influencing words of Mr. Zain Goplani. On the other hand, we feel ashamed on some bad habits of the students here that they were late and most were absent giving off a low strength to such a person who could have changed their lives.

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