h3. Football Tournament Update

* Boyzhawk beat men in black 10-4
* Red Devils beat jigers 10-3
* Seven Baloch beat Sada Seven 4-2
* Mental-IDES got a walkover against FC-LIASON
* Agha’s Eleven beat Top dogs 4-2
* Samina ki Guriya beat Champions 2004 10-0
* Hostelites beat Sani-dhapa 2-0
* MPLB got a walkover agaist Sky level
* Boyz Hawk beat Red Devils 3-2
* Seven Baloch beat Mental-IDES 4-2
* Samina Ki Guriya beat Agha’s Eleven 3-0
* Hostelites beat MPLB 6-3

h3. Semi-Finals

* Boyz Hawk got a walkover against Seven Baloch
* Hostelites Beat Samina Ki Guriya 3-1 on penalty shootouts after a 4-4 tie.

The final between *Hostelites* and *Boyz Hawk* will be played on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2004 during TISF activity time.

ElEcTiOnZz AiK bAaR pHiR

Elections phir say kaafi jaldi, campaigners har jaga nazar aarahay hain kon jeetay ga kon haray ga kiya rahim akhir tak unopposed rahey ga ya kisi ko ijazat mil jayegi elections mai anay ki..:) sciences or management alag alag hai don’t vote for him yar tuu to apna banda hai sciences ka, woh to management ka hai dushman party ka yar khayal kar yar…..kahan lunch karna hai, think of the most expensive place in town the candidates will take u there along wid a few freinds of urz…aur kiya chahiye khao piyo aish karo aur end mai vote usko karo jis pay deal hui hai…. aik rule hamesha yaad rakho never go against ur class walas (highly unethical thing to do), hostel nay surrender kar diya hai ab woh mujhay support kar rahay hain aisa kiya hua bhai ….yeh ho kia raha hai ..Aur yeh kia baat hui speeches kyun nahi ho rahi hain..honi chahiye banday ka confidence level to pata chalay keh woh kitnay pani mai hai…chalo khair hai jo hota hai achay kay liye hota hai…let’s hope for the best, whoever wins is a part of TIP so we wish a very best of luck to all the candidates.

Education is a luxury meant for the rich

Picture a guy of a middle class family who has just lost his father because the family couldn’t afford to spare the sum for his operation. Ask him or try to convince him to pursue education and he’d immediately ask you what he could possibly get from obtaining a degree. And what exactly do we say to convince him? That it’ll increase the literacy rate of this country… a’H possibly “surely” make you a better person.

Who gets the benefits from the development and technological advances it’s obviously not 4 the people belonging to the middle class, Bereft of electricity, clean drinking water and proper roads forget about higher education majority of our countrymen cannot afford basic education because in our country it will not even get u a decent job so most people don’t bother with that either.

Let me tell you an about an incident, an international organization started a project in the rural areas of Sindh. The purpose was to provide the people with the basic education, mainly to write letters, applications, the basic calculations and a few sentences and words of English language, when a father of a ten year old boy found him eager to join the program he thrashed him and cursed the teacher for putting fancy ideas into the boy’s head. He forbids his son from studying,” “Education is useless for us. My child will help me in my work, which will eventually help us earn our livelihood.”
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IOPWE announces its first scholarship for US students

This year IOPWE will be granting its first scholarship to a female student of Pakistani origin who is enrolled (or is in the process of enrolling) in an American University for pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Engineering or Computer Science Departments. The amount of scholarship will be up to $3000 to contribute towards the student’s tuition, books, admission fees or other academic expenses. The scholarship will be accorded to the student on the basis of merit and need.

For scholarship details, please visit Remember, the deadline for applying is Auguat 31, 2004.

Send all inquiries to with subject title: US Undergraduate Scholarship.

For membership details please visit

International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers

iopwe-logo.gif The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE) is a leading organization for Pakistani women professionals and student with a goal to enable women achieve their full educational and career potential. IOPWE was founded in August 1995 with the mission of dispelling the archaic perceptions of the roles of Pakistani women in our communities.

What began as a group of women engineers of Pakistani heritage and has evolved into a dynamic organization of more than 250 individuals from varying backgrounds and disciplines and around the globe, all of whom share a passion for empowering women to achieve educational and professional excellence.

IOPWE is incorporated in California, USA and is currently in the process of establishing a non-profit status.
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