All about your intellect

Flushing is better than leaking,
the over flow of mental sensation,
And writing is preferred over saying,
the flush of feelings called emotion!

Why should I write when I can speak? I can easily convey my thoughts and feelings to others by speaking. Then why do people write? Why do they waste their time? The answer is that in the whole process they are discovering their consciousness. Things going at the back of the head, which you never discovered, some truth which you were hiding from yourself. You can discover things about yourself, of which you were unaware before. Your pen never hides anything from you but this can only be said about serious writers.
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TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs”

Time is running fast, my second year has passed in TIP and it feels like just six months. People change, things change and so do we. Each semester brings new changes in our lives. During each and every semester our thinking evolves into new dimensions of ideas and innovations, making us more mature. As time passes here, you will realize that some of your best friends change into your nastiest foes by the time you reach next year. Trends change quite drastically here some times positively and at times negatively, but then this is TIP. Continue reading “TIP Top 5 “Ins and Outs””

An Ad:Aamil Bangali Kaka “Texpert”, textiles

I was going through a local daily newspaper when I read this Ad.This Ad changed my life completely only to realize afterwards that it was only a dream and wondering if this could happen in real.I wish it could.

Want to get good G.P.A , Want to win in elections, Want to make an affair with any of the yo-yo girls of the designing or any haseena of the Management? contact Aamil Bangali Kaka.
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Students at TIP: The Jackal and the Lambs

TIP is an institute where you will find students from all parts of Pakistan. These students make up a very unique culture which is rarely found in other universities. These different breeds of students have varied characteristics. The three prominent characteristics are

# the Burgers,
# the Jatts, and
# the Bun Kababs.

Although they are less in number than the other normal students, they still manage to be in the limelight. Apart from these three, there are many other breeds of students as well, such as

# the Khalifaas,
# the Chatnees, and
# the Maylaas.
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Senseless Scandals

According to an observation, about 80% of the students can’t make friends with the opposite gender. The reason behind it is not that they are shy but because they are afraid. They are afraid because a girl and a boy’s friendhip has a different meaning in TIP’s dictionary. Friendship has no meaning, and friends of the opposite gender are only seen as a couple.

The victim is usually unaware when things change. It all starts with fun and slogans like “chand pe jis ki sorat aai… bhai… bhai”, “botal… botal” (Gulshan point) and “baharoon phool barsaoo….”. The victim thinks that his dear friends are only having fun but after he comes to know about the actual reasons behind it, it’s a completely different story.

Don’t believe me ,try it out for yourself, as one of my batchmates did, talk to the opposite gender and a scandal will be waiting for you: “they are having an affair”, “he’s a flirt and he’s making her fool”, “yesterday I saw them sitting alone and they were…”. Your reputation will hit rock bottom and you will be treated as an alien, friends will change your name to “Romeo” and “Radhay”. The news will be on the noticeboard about your affair by your own friends, even before you realize it yourself that it’s an affair, will make you think a hundered time before talking to an another gender.

Funny isn’t it. But who’s to blame, who created this environment and who’s doing all this. Try asking this question to yourself and you’ll definitely get the answer and when you get the answer, do let everyone know.

Rumble in the Jungle

It seems that after the mighty fourth year passed out this year the present third year thinks that they are the kings. Things got out of control of the third year (3Y) when some guys from 2nd year (2Y), namely Mazhar, Hammad, Waqas and Ahsan ragged a senior, aka “chikna”, in the hostel.

After feeling insulted he called some 7 guys for payback. Hammad of 2Y lost his teeth in the battle when Waqas and Ahsan betrayed their friends and ran away. Later on they joined hands with 3Y. Still things were not favouring 3Y as they were ragged in and out of the hostel at night one by one.

The battle ended after a compromise by some respected seniors. Still some guys are not happy and are planning still. Wait and see what happens next!