TIP has a new item on the block- The Textile Institute Speaking Society. This new society was formed two weeks prior by the students of the current spring batch. The society’s main object is to relinquish leadership quality among the student body and build confidence. Continue reading “NEW!!!- TEXTILE INSTITUTE SPEAKING SOCIETY”

And So It Happened

The eve of 21st February is something that definitely should to be talked about. Now having said that I should also mention that the evening was a long one; with a series of events that had me flabbergasted. Those who did attend: we can paste mutual smiles onour faces and toast ourselves for witnessing all that was: Awesome and all that was: Not So Awesome. Those who didn’t: my condolences on your loss.

As most would know that the event comprised of a Carnival for Basant and then the Concert and man, wasn’t it Zabardast?!

Putting it in a word it was: Pakistani.

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