Set it in stone


Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday
Mairaj Bin Waqar Banday

Dear Mairaj,

You know, we were suppose to get together on that picnic I was planning, by the beach. It would have just been like old time, in the hostel when I was in TIP. Looks like we’ll just have to meet in the sweet here after.


Ali Hakeem


This is my message to Mairaj, please set it in stone and get it published in the upcoming magazine, I’m hoping the faculty will have something to say as well. Leave your messages in the comments below. Please do not exceed the word count by 50.

Thank you

The Wait…

I’m writing this from my Marketing Manager’s office, who by the way is never around. My company wants to implement the concept of IE (Industrial Engineering) in their apparel manufacturing process, unfortunately it seems my Production Manager is more interested in increasing his productivity and getting his female workers to work harder. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s all bad, he has managed to convince the company to install an air conditioned floor and has worked with Swedes, Sri Lankans and Chinese, set the company’s lines; it’s his insistence that internationally applied methodologies cannot be applied to our own industry. Continue reading “The Wait…”

TIP’s Materminds Attack the Industry

The Textile Institute of Pakistan’s The people who C.A.R.E (Currently Are Really Envious) have issued a warning to all related industries to watch out for these miscreants, as they have a reputation for being most devious in nature. Informants have revealed that they have cells which can operate independently without active leadership – Khalifagiri.

Anyone who has their whereabouts please inform the class of TS4A Batch 2008, so necessary cheera’s can be deployed.

Continue reading “TIP’s Materminds Attack the Industry”

5 things I wished I had done when I was in TIP

Here’s something interesting an idle mind came up with. WHAT ARE THE 5 THINGS YOU WISH YOU COULD HAVE DONE WHILE YOU WERE IN TIP.

Here I’ll go First:

  1. Gotten the Magazine out on TIME :S
  2. Worked Harder on My THESIS 😀
  3. Wish I could have gotten along better with My Hostel Mates (Ancient History)
  4. Not Mess Up at the Inter-University Debate 😛 (VERY ANCIENT HISTORY)
  5. Make that play on TIP I had been planning for the past 2 years 🙁

Class Pictures Schedule

Another announcement from your friendly Publications Committee.
The Class Pictures will be taken as per the given schedule.

Monday, 22nd October 2007:
AMM1 @ 1350
TMM1 @ 1415
TDT1 @ 1450

Wednesday, 24th October 2007:
TS1 @ 1440
AMM2 @ 1500
TMM2 @ 1520
TS2 @ 1530

Please Be Prompt and advise your class mates to be there, these pictures will not be taken again once the deadline is gone.

You’ll Look Back On Those Days When You’re Old

Hear Ye, Here Ye Cretins…

For those of you who have graduated recently here’s some more salt to your wounds…

Effective 10th November Comments and Cartoons of the Graduating Class 2007 will not be entertained.

Shocked? Don’t be, you didn’t submit anything to the magazine so i really won’t bother going into the specifics! Now nobody will know that you graduated this year except your Mom and Dad and maybe a brother or sister if you’re close to them….

The following Graduated Classes have NOT sent me their Comments and Cartoons, so no dice for you…

– Apparel Marketing and Manufacturing (AMM)
– Textile Marketing and Management (TMM)

So Last Call to Board the Train or Be Left Behind, No Second Call for Losers; Have too many Passengers on the Train anyhow!

May the Force be with you…. suckers! 😛
Ali Cat is Biting Back At Ya!