Greenwich University Games: The story behind the scenes.

When TIP started on the 28th august, I was one of those people who didn’t know what to expect. There were certain “happenings” that indicated that TIP was never going to be the same as before like the cancellation of hostel accommodation for Karachi residents etc. But what really took me by storm in the very first week was the news that Greenwich University was organizing a Basketball tournament and that our university was invited to participate. When it comes to sports, Greenwich and TIP have been on very good terms and they have supported our athletes in the past when our own university hasn’t. Now, this year I became the official captain of the Basketball team and had taken it on myself along with our new coach to come up with a proper team. But on this short a notice, coming up with just a team became overwhelming. There were a number of factors working against us. A couple of senior players took a moral blow when the hostel accommodation issue came across and we learned that the players representing TIP in sports and athletics will not be given any rooms. Up until the last day, I was not sure if my wingman, who’s been with me for the past two years would play on the team. Losing him would’ve been critical but fortunately, he decided to be a team player as he always is and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Zaid had illness issues. Adnan Dohadwala couldn’t participate because our opening match was on a “bari raat”. We didn’t have a proper starting line up as it was and now we had to hurry with the freshmen selection process.

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We want Human Sacrifice!

By Mohsin Ali Sadiq, TS2B

Yes, human sacrifice was made on Saturday, 18th March when the TIP basket-ball team went up against Mehran University in the 1st game of the HEC basket-ball tournament and lost by a score of 23 – 06 or to quote an Urdu saying, “bakre ki balli char gayi”.

Friday started with a lot of confusion when our captain Shayan had to drop out of the squad due to a family emergency. The lineup was short of two regular players as it is and with Shayan gone, the team was left with Aasim Ahmed and yours truly. There was a point in the day, when it was decided that the team wouldn’t go as the players hadn’t had enough practice and we didn’t have a complete starting lineup. The players, all packed up to leave for home, suddenly received the breaking news at the end of the day that TIP is required to participate as we had been given the grand honour of the opening game of the tournament and playing before the chief guests.
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TIP Street Ball

By Mohsin Ali Sadiq TS2B


Yes, TIP Street-ball happened. The tournament which was supposed to take place last semester came through and finally took place on the eve of 22nd February at about 5:30 and ended at around 8: 30 with a lot of laughter and entertainment for the crowd.



GAME 2: TMM4 (4) – HATO BACHO (3)



GAME 5: TMM4 (4) – SHABI’S THREE (2)-fouled out

FINAL: ROCKERS (11) – TMM4 (4)

I must admit, TIP Street-ball being the first tournament I conducted, had many moments of frustration and sheer anger. I had to alter many mandatory rules, change the format of the tournament and make all sorts of exceptions just to get things going. And although the purpose of this tournament was not completely accomplished, the response I got was well if I said promising I would be pushing it a bit. But in all seriousness, the tournament definitely created awareness that there exists this modified version of basketball called “street-ball’ and its all about having fun.
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Regarding Sports

The overall situation in TIP regarding sports has been kinda blah! Although a lot of commitment has been shown by some individuals and our sports coordinator Ali Hafeez Azmat (Textile Science Faculty and designer of custom golf balls), the sports community in tip is still subject to a lot of criticism.

You may have heard the news that TIP is considering hiring a coach. Getting a coach for sports and fitness is a good start. He maybe able to inspire the sportsman in all of us. I know a lot of students who are good at more than just one sport and are not given due opportunity, may it be prejudice or politics – that’s a different story.

But this initiative will fail if the person appointed is not given the due authority and finances to get things done around here. Being a member of the sporting community, I still don’t understand a few norms we follow. But I’ve got my place in the sport I play so I continue to make efforts for it.

I hope this step will create due awareness about sports required around this place because seriously we have a lot of time to kill around here – more than we would to admit!