“Ye jo be rang si hai zindagi
Zara muskura, isse rang de” The most awaited event of the semester is around the corner. “Sham E Rangeen”.
Make your evening colorful and let your soul come alive. What are you waiting for?
Grab your passes as soon as possible. And don’t miss the oppurtunity to witness something extraordinary. If you are interesting in a farmer market, is important that you follow this step by step guide.

Colours + Art + Creativity = Design

People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.

– Paola Antonelli

Hats off!! To the wonderful work done by 3rd year Design, enhancing campus beauty with their wonderful assignments by redefining Zain Mustafa’s idea of TIP’s new look.

The stunning stone work catches the eye on TIP’s entrance, by Anum Sabir.

Edges of the Eqbal Ahmed Walkway Wall, by Sana Mirza. Continue reading “Colours + Art + Creativity = Design”

Bringing SMILE to the Kids..

You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.” – Henry Drummond

A group of Students for their management assignment at TIP, did a fundraiser and the money collected was used to get swings and stuff for the kids of the employees living 24/7 at TIP, Bin Qasim campus.

  • Syed Khawaja Hashiruddin
  • Rabeea Faheem Syed
  • Nausheen Rabbani
  • Sahar Saeed Mohsini

Hats off to these students for giving those kids such a wonderful gift for the coming year.

Saving the Sinking Ship, Former President Returns

After heavy opposition by the student body, against laying off employees at TIP just before EID UL AZHA. Tariq Ikram has resigned, giving security reasons that he won’t be able to attend office.

At this point when TIP is facing extreme crisis Dr Zubair Bandukda has stepped in again and joined TIP. Yet nobody knows, what his plans are but it seems like he is already in action. He’s been meeting every single student individually, to discuss and ask their opinions on how to make things better at TIP and also had a meeting with the alumni at city campus today.

A recent report by ‘The Express Tribune’ has all in it explaining the current situation. Textile Institute Brings Back Former President

Think Again! Strategic Committee

Well it’s my last year, seeing the committee making the rightfully thought decisions to take TIP to another level of learning for the students.

Recently, a decision made by the committee has left me with a question, to the ability of the members in one of the top ranked committee playing its vital role in the fulfillment of TIP’s new vision.

New TISF Faculty coordinator, everyone at TIP knows the way he works, self-centered, autocratic decisions, biased approvals and more importantly a One Man Show!

Whereas, being a former member of student forum, what I learned is that it’s a forum where you learn team work, improvement with collective wisdom and the right way of doing things in a system.

My question to the members of the Strategic Committee is, “What do you want students to learn out of this and have you put the right person on the lead to improve the quality of learning provided by the institute, even if it’s about running TISF?”

Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?

An uneven Cricket ground full of weeds, free water for which you probably need to go 400 feet underground and still isn’t fit for humans or plantation at TIP, unrealistic targets of bringing in 500 students (just to let you know they are invisible :p), free advertisements in in Thal Times (a newspaper in Bhakkar, I guess) without any prior approval from the management, here comes another one from our legendary Mr. Mazhar Jamil.


Continue reading “Selling our Mascot Team to Buy Liquid Soap Dispensers?”

Khush Aamdeed!!! Paakhair Raghalay!!! Freshmen

Another year has started and I’m gonna miss Amna, who always use to write these welcoming words, on Quack! for the freshmen.

Freshmen! We welcome you to TIP and with it we also invite you to share you ideas, experiences and feeling about it. The first day, fear of being ragged, thought this may not sound good to you now but later you will find them to be one of the best moments of your life.

Feel free to share your ideas, opinions or whatever you have in your mind. Quack! Online is the place we you can say anything to anyone about anyone 🙂 Enjoy you stay here and try to make the best out of this place! Wish you all the best.