Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony

It has been 3 weeks since the start of semester and finally something started happening in student activity sessions on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday dramatics society arranged two plays in coordination with Zahrsss Production. Surkhaab ka makan, a funny love story and madya not media, describing what how media broke news is publicized and what impact does it have on our society. Hats off for Zahrsss and TIP dramatics. Continue reading “Drama Entertainment and Appreciation Ceremony”

Mr Waqar Malik – Chief Executive ICI Pakistan visits TIP

The Quack! team and student body of TIP thank Mr. Waqar Malik – Chief Executive AkzoNobel (previously ICI Pakistan),  for giving us sometime out of his busy schedule.

During his visit he was briefed about the new vision of TIP and strategic measures taken towards its achievement. After lunch with faculty members, in the cafeteria. He visited the campus along Mr. Tariq Ikram and Mr. Umair Saeed. Continue reading “Mr Waqar Malik – Chief Executive ICI Pakistan visits TIP”

New and Improved Cafeteria

I have been thinking to write about the new improvements to the cafeteria by the newly formed cafeteria committee comprising of two of our most devoted faculty members Ms Rakhshanda Shah and Mr Mazhar Jamil, who I must say have devoted their lives whole-heartedly that student should get a better and healthy food to eat at Textile Institute of Pakistan’s Cafeteria also know as Eqbal Ahmed Student Center (for those who don’t know). Continue reading “New and Improved Cafeteria”

Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010

By Iqra Izhar, FDM-1

Elections in TIP… a very good experience, a little different indeed from what I had in past, I had been through. The difference was that at least in those elections I saw competition, not one but two at least and sometimes even more than two candidates competing for one position. Continue reading “Siyasi Ghat Jhor… 2010”

Public Announcement

Media and Publication Society (MAPS) is looking for Writers (English & Urdu), designers, cartoonist and new blood for marketing team.

An introductory session followed by interviews for new inductees will be done on Thursday, October 14, 2010 in 4th  slot (at 1:15 pm) at LR1.

Students interested are requested to please attend the session.

For further details:
Hafza Azhar (tmm-3)
Mir Jawad (amm-3)
Shumaila Rajput (tmm-4)

Elections – The Truth behind

The election are going to be announced very soon, but did we ever bothered to know that why do we have elections for TISF, why not let societies work independently, why do we have a TISF president, a general secretary and a finance secretary. and why do we have this TISF, whats the whole concept behind it.

Anyone, do you have an answer??? Continue reading “Elections – The Truth behind”