YinG Convention ’10

By Asad Jafri, amm-1

The 2nd National Youth Convention organized by Transparency International – Pakistan, was held on the 24th & 25th of September 2010 at Regent Plaza, Karachi. The TIP team comprised of Shahzad Sarwar, Rao Sohaib, Shumaila Rajput, Ahsan Shah, Khwaja Hashir Uddin and me, Asad Jafri. This was my first participation in a convention hosted by Transparency International. During the 2 days of the convention, I learnt quite a lot about corruption and different forms of it, how it affects other people’s lives and how we ourselves play a vital role in its existence. Continue reading “YinG Convention ’10”

TIP SMS Alert Service

Textile Institute of Pakistan introduces its own SMS alert service for the students. All important notifications will be sent to the students directly on their cell phones. Cool huh!

I have one more suggestion, Nowadays most of the reputable institutes have their web-mail powered by Google. With a nominal yearly subscription fee Google provides you to make unlimited accounts using your own domain, tip.edu.pk (in case of TIP), with unlimited storage facility and for unlimited time period, which means even if the student graduates from the institute he can still be allowed access to that email ID (mostly based on Student enrollment number). I hope our management would give it a consideration and hope we move toward more better means.

DC fails to establish order…

Not DC, they have failed years ago. I am talking about the Discipline Committee at Textile Institute of Pakistan, which is about to fail. The committee formed on the basis of the same ideology that of Pakistan’s army, when involved in internal affairs, suppress every voice when you have the power whether its right or wrong. I am very grateful to Dr. Zubair Bandukda, former president of Textile Institute of Paksitan, he left a year later I joined TIP. I still remember at our orientation when a student asked him about ragging, he said, “It’s banned here at TIP but we faced it and you have to face it. If it goes beyond the limit you have your choice to make”.

Few days back I heard that a complaint was logged against students and faculty members of the design department that senior students ragged them in presence of faculty and the faculty members were called by the academic coordinator that they fed the freshmen to the seniors to rag them. Where in fact senior students were ragged by the faculty members in front of the first year, that I would say was rather disrespecting them in front of the crowd gathered. Continue reading “DC fails to establish order…”

A drop of Life – Blood Drive ’10

“Donate generously” it always seem to come when you are asking for money, but there is always more to donate then what you have in your pockets. Thalassemia, an inherited disease that causes the hemoglobin level in one’s blood to fall and eventually takes him/her to death. The only thing helpful for a thalassemian patient for their survival is blood transfusion. The matter of life and death is controlled by Almighty Allah but, what we can provide is a drop of hope in the form of our blood to these people. Continue reading “A drop of Life – Blood Drive ’10”

AAJ ka Mozu hai…

Debates has been the strongest avenue of the Literary Society of Textile Institute of Pakistan. After the huge success of Declamation ’10 a team of debaters from literary society participated in D-bate, a TV show on AAJ TV. Haneeya Maryam (President literary Society) along with three other members, Tauseef Haider, Areeba Akhtar and Mohsin Butt participated in the show.Two students, one for the motion and another against the motion, participated in each show along with a celebrity guest speaker. The two celebrity speaker in the first shoot were Shaheen Salahuddin, speaking for the motion ‘Pakistan k kharab image k zimaedar humare siyasi leader hain’, with me :), she is Director News and current affairs at Indus TV and also host for ‘Khuli Baat’ on Indus TV and another speaker, a very renown political personality and also Speaker Sindh assembly, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro with Areeba Akhtar. Continue reading “AAJ ka Mozu hai…”

Is there a need for election?

For past two years I have been a part of different societies at TIP and even been a member of elected student forum for one year. This year we are about to enter the election phase again, where we’ll be having that same old dirty politics, ruining of friendships, and many other negative after effects as usual. I don’t know how important my advice is gonna be, and how seriously the student body of TIP will take it. But, there is a fault in the system and it needs to be look into seriously, we need a change and change that would rather bring us closer, despite dividing us into pieces. Continue reading “Is there a need for election?”

Blood Drive 2010

Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan is arranging a blood drive this semester, Fall 2010. We have invited Burhani Blood Bank to conduct a blood drive on Thursday, September 30th, 2010.

Blood camp will be set up in the design display centre, first floor of cafeteria.

We hope that all students and faculty members of TIP will donate generously. We will be thankful for your support.