Plantation Campaign News

Hey listen up people, as you all know that the plantation campaign is in full swings. The incentive of this article is just to clarify the confusion about our plan. Basically we have collected Rs.150 for a Neem tree. This includes the cost of land improvements that is leveling of the ground, the additional soil cost, the manure cost and the transport cost. Those who are interested in planting more than one tree, they can donate more accordingly. After planting one tree along with the plaque (that would have your name and personalized message on it), if some money remains, we will use it to plant some more trees by your name. These trees will line up on both sides of the pathway where we board the buses, and if we succeed in collecting enough money, we’ll plant some trees on the hostel side as well. This is the Season 1 of our campaign. If this succeeds, the next would be Season 2 that would include plantation creepers, flowering shrubs and foliage. So please contribute as much as you can!

By Nargis Noor of TMM1 (Teee Mmmmm Mmmmm One)