FEELS LIKE HELL – Rabbiya Abdullah

All the signs seem to be present; Destruction. Corruption. Dishonesty. Adulteration. Signs that tell us that the end is near. Maybe it is because of our own deeds that God is punishing us.
Or maybe we are living a life that feels like a punishment because of the deeds of others.

Our country hasn’t progressed not because after the partition we weren’t given our share of finances or because all the educated professionals who wanted to migrate were stopped. It is because we are lazy. And have a tendency to be quitters.

The sad truth is that we have become used to being treated like this. We have accepted this as our fate and have, not lost, but given up or sold our voice. For most people in Pakistan every day is a fight for survival. Some survive, Some don’t. We have given up trying to fight for our rights because it is either rights or roti.
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Work in progress :p

I, Rabbiya Abdullah and Nussebah Osman have started an un-official organizing committee, that will be organizing events and raising funds for charity. We are people who like having fun yet want to do our part for the society.

We have selected two committee members on basis of interest from each year of the design department and some have already been selected from the marketing department to assist us in organizing and making decisions. Further committee members will be selected according to participation.We had our first meeting a while back and the turn out was impressive. We decided on a name for the committee and settled with ‘T spectrum’ and people who were interested signed up as members.

Anybody who would like to join is welcome and can come and sit in on any of our meetings to see what we are all about. We took part in an event recently and raised a reasonably good amount. (Thanks to the people who helped out selflessly. Ahsan, Godil, Mustafa, Rameez, Habib, Jawad, Rida, Faizan, Uzair, Nabah and TDT1, Sherry, Nehdiyah and Saad)

We have agreed on a short term agenda and have also been offered sponsorship for our next event which we will be further discussing at our next meeting. We always talk about how we feel bad for the less privileged, yet we don’t want to give up the privileges God has blessed us with and so we are combining the two, so you can enjoy yet do a bit for those who don’t get to.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting!

Human are we?

I write because I care. Bullshit. Its not that I don’t care, I just don’t care enough. I write because I want to make others feel the way I do. Miserable. Call me emo if you like. Its not that I don’t see the happy things happening in the world, it’s just that I don’t overlook the sad ones.

We see so much happening around us but we refuse to let it effect us. We remain happy and go on with our lives. We have become selfish.
Don’t mourn over the conditions but at least dwell a little upon them, being this immune is also not healthy. We don’t get sad, or depressed when we see someone suffering, hell we don’t even care if it happens to someone we care about anymore. We don’t get angry at how we are being treated any more because we have gotten used to it, and purchased generators. We adjust to the conditions coming our way but maybe its time we stand up against them. Continue reading “Human are we?”