Guess who I am talking about

In our beloved TIP there are so many things to be talked about and from all of them I am going to visualize and talk about a very important personality of TIP.

It was the first day of my second semester, I was so anxious to attend her class. From my very first day at TIP, I really liked her personality and the way she talks.
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TDT-1, ‘The DesigNer’S Team!!! having Komal, Javeria, Farah, Fakiha, Hina, Sidra, Mehak, Kiran, Naila, under the brilliant captaincy of Komal.

TDT-3, ‘The BEsT Team!!!’ having Ammara, Nazish, Nazia, Wajiha, Uneza, Aisha, Zarah, Noor & Farheen, under the captaincy of Ammara.

The match between ‘The DesigNer’S Team!!!’ and ‘The BesT Team!!!’ as per the schedule was to be held on Wednesday, the 3rd of March 2004 and the match between ‘The Designer’s Team’ and ‘Management Team’ was to be held on Friday February 27, 2004. But the players of TMM ‘The Management Team’ were not ready’ The reason behind is that during practice Abia’s finger got injured, Iqra had to go somewhere, so she left and Nimra was 🙁 not feeling well’ So, due to such reasons finally the match held on Friday between The designer’s Team and The Best Team under the empire, Tazeen TDT-4 ‘ Continue reading “TDT-1 ROCKS!!!”

How to Abate Shyness in Your Friend

I was a very shy person and many times tried to overcome my shyness. I used to remain silent among my friends and family till I discovered how to overcome shyness. Some of my good friends helped me, overcome my shyness and here is what I learned in the last six months here in TIP. Although this one is not a usual Quack article published here online with mirch masla and gossips but still I hope it will help many shy people.

Be a complete friend and help your friends to overcome their shyness with the help of the following steps:

Listen to their talks more carefully; pay attention to them. A shy person can talk very often so it is your duty to pay attention to him and make him talk and encourage him.
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