Elections that C.AR.E.

write-smallAs soon as the spring semester starts and the time for elections comes close, everyone at TIP starts becoming very excited especially the seniors, who can be seen everywhere trying to persuade their friends to vote for them.

Let’s make some difference this year. when we go around campaigning for the elections and cast our votes. I have had an idea for a while, and I would like to share it with all those who C.A.R.E about the enviornment. Whenever we participate in various activites, we waste a lot of time and resources such as the paper, boxes and various other materials on campaigning.

This year, let’s make a change by changing the way we elect our TISF leaders. Let’s avoid wastage and save resources. Lets go towards an online voting system where by we can elect our chosen canditdates at the campus easily without wasting, most importantly, time, by excluding the recounting process as well as reducing chances of errors. Secondly, we can save a lot of paper from being wasted. I would like you to share your comments and opinions regarding this idea so we can work towards making this idea a reality.

Love and its kinds…

Its this love that amazes me constantly by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. Shakespeare said, “Love is truly blind.”, and I believe, it truly is. For most of the people love is not defined. Its a feeling that can save everyone from the pains and miseries.

I have found four kinds of love in my life.

The first,  being one  in which love inexplicably fades. It happens when you don’t trust your relationships any more or in cases where one doesn’t get in return what he expects. Its more of a love which always needs a push from others around or requires from the other soul mate of your life but in turn you don’t get it. Thus this first category of love is always asking in return for what it does.

The second love is the love where your love is lost in memories. The one in which you realize your loves importance quite late when it has gone quite far from your reach and you are left with nothing but just their memories of it. The sorrows and pain in this love are to such an extent that one loses hope to live his life any more. Continue reading “Love and its kinds…”

Salt, Pepper and the Spices of Life

By Rahim Jindani, TS2

Colors of diversity
You’re sitting at a table, having a meal with some friends. Bowls of soup are served to everyone at the table. Before tasting the soup, the person next to you reaches for the salt and pepper, and for the next 20 seconds vigorously shakes into the soup more salt and pepper than you would use in a month.

You have a look full of agony on your face. These thoughts immediately go through your mind: “Why would you put salt and pepper in soup, or on any dish, BEFORE you taste it? How do you know how much to add?” You might also think, “How can someone put so much salt and pepper in their food?”

Of course, the roles could be reversed. You might be the one who loves to put a lot of salt and pepper on your food and the person next to you eats the soup without adding salt or pepper. In that case, you think, “How can she eat this bland soup without putting any seasoning in it?”

When it comes to salt, pepper, onions, garlic, curry or just about any type of seasoning, we tend to see things only on way – OUR way. Continue reading “Salt, Pepper and the Spices of Life”