Will anybody answer my question??

Saturday, 28th June 2008 (9:00am): Me and my friend had to attend a conference at Nawabshah and we were waiting for our coaster in front of KFC restaurant situated at Boat Basin Karachi. My friend took out his cell phone and start reading his text messages. Eventually, two persons riding on a motorcycle came from behind. They surveyed the area and then one of them get of the motorbike, took a round and came in front of us. He pulled out a pistol and loaded it at once. Guy asked me and my friend to give our cell phones to him. We had no option so we did what he asked..!!

Last Week of May 2010 (8:15pm): Me and my brother were studying as we both had our exams the very next day. Eventually, we heard 3 gun shots near our home. We get out of our home and saw people gathered around the dead body of a shopkeeper who was shot down by unknown persons. That poor guy owned a mobile phone shop and was reported to be involved with a political party. Continue reading “Will anybody answer my question??”

Another Important Point to ponder Upon….!!

Pakistani society and culture today is going through tougher times. People’s mindsets are changing and their trends are going the other way. Our society, at large, has become very less sensitive and our public is getting rapidly ignorant of whatever is happening around them. To add it to the spice, we are also facing earthquakes, floods, suicide bombings, target killings, plane crashes, road and train accidents. At the same time, we see less art and few artists (poet, writer, sculpture making etc) and those artists who are working possess very bad level of maturity and understanding of their art.

Generally it has been observed that whenever any society is struggling, it produces more artists with exceptional art works. Sub-continent has produced some of the great artists and their art is still recognized in the whole world. Indian/Pakistani paintings, poetry, literature, novels, editorials, movies and drama serials had been recognized and well appreciated in every part of the world. Continue reading “Another Important Point to ponder Upon….!!”


Pakistan is passing through a very critical situation these days, whereever we look; we find sad and tensed faces. Pakistan’s real beauty and a better side have totally gone out of the world’s vision.

It is time for a change, a time to specify the positive image of Pakistan.Azme Alishan has thought about it for sure. After a national song competition, a cleanup drive, and even school activation with Faisal Qureshi, Azme Alishan is on its way for another big project ‘Manzare Pakistan’.

‘Manzare Pakistan’ is the name of the blog, created for the people to share their tributes, experiences and good stories about Pakistan. Continue reading “‘MANZARE PAKISTAN’,a great concept by AZME ALISHAN”


By Bushra Khalid Syed

Lahore, June 2, 2010 – Riding the wave of success of its previous initiatives from earlier this year, the Azme Alishan movement launched the Azme Alishan National Song Competition with the support of international superstars Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of Strings. The Azme Alishan movement’s manifesto is to revive the same spirit of nationhood and community that lies at the heart of the vision of Pakistan. Azme Alishan aims to highlight the great Pakistani youth musical talent within Pakistan and all across the world with this televised competition, which starts airing on your favorite channels with its first episode from Saturday, June 05, 2010. The TV shows will continue throughout the summer, concluding with the grand finale announcing the winner on August 14th.

The competition opened mid-March with a request for all Pakistanis from within and across borders to send in their original national song entries – no song covers were entertained. Continue reading “THE STRINGS DUO ALONG WITH A STAR STUDDED LINE-UP AS JUDGES ON THE AZME ALISHAN NATIONAL SONG COMPETITION”

I love you TIP…..!!

There are certain experiences in life which you can never forget and my stay at Textile Institute of Pakistan was one of them. As I recall my memory, I can still remember my first day at TIP which was 28th August 2006 and now I have been through my last day at TIP as well which was 26th May 2010. A journey of four years. Four years of learning. Four years of exciting experiences. Four years of being with my friends. Four years of all the great incidents and event of which we were a part of. Four years of studies. Four years of this nostalgic campus. These four years are not just memorable, these years have made me a real person. A more mature and open person. Yes, I can feel the change in my self. I was a kid and Textile Institute of Pakistan has grown me up. I was nowhere and TIP gave me the direction. I openly confess here that I really appreciate and love this place which we all know with the name of TIP.

I would like to briefly cover each and every thing which will always keep reminding me about my association with TIP and which a part of this great learning environment is. Continue reading “I love you TIP…..!!”

AZME ALISHAN, a great step towards a better Pakistan!

By Bushra Khalid Syed

About Azme Alishan
“70 years ago the idea of Pakistan was born in Lahore. Today it appears that we have reached a crossroads in our journey. Azme Alishan is an invitation for all Pakistanis to celebrate our real identity, culture and values, and to challenge negative images of our country around the world.”(Source: azmealishan.com)

As all of you can observe, Pakistan is in a very critical situation these days. Everybody knows that and everyone can understand that. It is the time we should take active steps to save our identity. It is all about now or never!

There is an urgent need of an active practice. If you really want to do something for Pakistan then do not waste your time. I want to make you aware of a great movement, which involves such great activities and campaigns that can be very helpful for a brighter future of Pakistan. It is the one and only ‘AZME ALISHAN’, an open invitation to celebrate being a true Pakistani. Its main aim is to save our identity and to create a positive image of Pakistan around the world.

‘AZME ALISHAN’ is undergoing many activities and events that are encouraging every Pakistani to be confident about their land and their true cultural values.

I suggest you to be an active part of AZME ALISHAN!


Naat Competition’10

By Rizwan Fareed, TS3

Religious society of Textile institute of Pakistan dedicated to propagation of religious thoughts and promotion of Prophetic love, organized a grand naat competition first time in the history of institute, the venue for this event was auditorium. Mr. Qamar zaidi and Mr. Syed usman were the judges of this event. The proceeding of the Naat competition got under way with recitation from Sarim Mehmood himself who is the President of Textile institute religious society. All the top ten students who were selected paid homage to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the form of Naat, which cast a spell on the atmosphere of the auditorium and audience deeply felt its spiritual effect. After the naat competition both the judges came on stage and expressed their views on the competition they admired all the participants Mr. Syed Usman delivered himself a beautiful naat, after that results of competition were announced judging on the criteria which was quality of voice and delivery of words Sajjad Mehdi of TS-4 was declared first, Danya Jamil of TMM-1 secured 2nd position and Rijah Saarah of AMM-3 got 3rd position, after congratulating these participants, Judges praised the efforts of Rizwan Bhatti and Taayab waqar who managed this event successfully and made it possible.