Mister Ragging, Rest in peace

Finally, we all heard the strict orders from the Big B; “RAGGING IS OFFICIALLY BANNED IN TIP(full stop)”. The very similar decision was also made last year but ragging was allowed in case if any of the freshmen themselves wanted to be ragged. Thanks to our beloved President, and Academic coordinator for implicating such an ‘Important’ rule and for keeping the honor, respect and confidence of newcomers in a safe place.

When I was a newcomer, I used to be filled with joy, excitement, confidence and was motivated enough to perform well both in my studies and extra curricular activities. The day I joined TIP Continue reading “Mister Ragging, Rest in peace”

Frustrated Society

I often call our society a frustrated society. From a poor rickshaw driver to a middle-class bank worker, everyone seems to be frustrated here. By considering few examples, let me define it to you more clearly. A university student is scheduled to appear in his semester’s final exams next week and his locality has been without electricity for three days. Can he/she perform well in the exams? A young graduate has recently got his job in a multi-national company. His home has been without electricity the whole night and he/she is due to start work for the first time, the very next morning. Can he/she perform well at his/her job? A father is unable to afford the huge fees of a private university. Would his son/daughter be able to become an engineer? Continue reading “Frustrated Society”

We, the emotional people!

Since 14 August 1947, we have been through numerous political dramas; military rules, martial laws and so-called democracies. Despite the big promises by our leaders and politicians, Pakistan has not yet been able to consider itself a democratic and advanced country. In fact, it remains in the list of third world countries even after 60 years of independence. Some people blame military dictators for this dilemma, some blame our political leaders from different parties, and some don’t even bother to care WHY WE HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND? I personally feel there are two reasons for our downfall. One is the lack of proper education in Pakistan, and the other is the extreme and emotional way we choose to solve any crisis or problem. Continue reading “We, the emotional people!”