People who C.A.R.E can finally prove it


The official meeting of the people who C.A.R.E was held on the 14th of February, a day where people care about themselves and sometimes that special someone, therefore it was a shock to see the turnover which proved that yes, people can come out of their self centered shells and actually C.A.R.E( no pun intended ☺) about people other then themselves. The main reason for the meeting was to actually discuss various ways to make the environment of TIP safer, while simultaneously fulfilling our quota of community service. It was to make people want to contribute and give something of themselves to the society.

The meeting started off with Asim or rather Sir Asim trying to prove certain allegations made against the people who C.A.R.E, wrong. It was said that their endeavors are usually a rush with complicated ‘angrezi‘ being the sole way to communicate. In defense Asim released strings of complicated Urdu words that left me confused, but made an impact that left no doubt that everyone would be ‘heard‘. C.A.R.E was providing a forum for everyone to give ideas and opinions irrespective of the language they wish to use.

In reference to the recent riots, as a result of the Bhutto death, and the 200 something people thrashing TIP, the people who C.A.R.E gathered to discuss ways that would prevent something like this happening at our institute again. Continue reading “People who C.A.R.E can finally prove it”