Depart-mental Wars! ERGH!!!!!

We study more!

No we study more!

Yeah right! All you guys ever do is not move and sit in air-conditioned studios. What are you whining about? Kabhe itni moti moti kitabain and notes parhna parain to pata chalai…

Shut up haan! We work our a** off on each stupid assignment we get. Weaving karni parai raat din to pata chalai. Buzz off.

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To hell with elections. Get a life people!

by Sadaf Haque TMM2

Elections! The filthy politics and its parasites have clutched everyone in its jaws once again. One steps into the campus and finds people sitting at their certain addas in tolies grabbing people passing by and asking them who they are voting for. People whispering in ears, conspiring and fabricating plots against each other, it’s just too much. I just can’t take it. For crying out loud we all belong to the same institution and should have same values when it comes to behavioral acts. These are the second elections that I am being forced to bear.
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