TIP Catering?

Where else will you get such a considerate president who on the call of the Hostel President can scold the caterers on poor quality and quantity of food served during Ramadan?

I feel we should always have a back up catering service just in case one goes poor, we can switch and this will eventually result in competition between the suppliers and we will be able to enjoy good food every year with taste changing on a regular basis and contracts getting renewed every 2 years? What do you think?

Wake Up Girls.

Ever since I’ve been in TIP, I have seen that there is not much activities for girls. I don’t know why that is so. There is football tournament for boys but there is none for girls. There are badminton tournaments, cricket matches, and more for boys, but nothing for girls. Wake up girls, do something about it! Do participate in the few activities we have. Actually having not many activities is the fault of the girls themselves. They are least interested in the activities. They don’t come up with anything on their own. Well let me tell you that university is not only the place for studies – thori tafree bhi karo yaar.

Wese I asked Mr. Arafat Tahir to arrange a badminton tournament for girls, but being a Sports Secretary he is very busy in boy’s activities and couldn’t do that thing for us after all he is a boy himself. Girls, it’s time to take charge.

TA’s Appointed, End of Miseries

You must have seen juniors’ worried faces, seeking help from the seniors. Well, Good News for all of them! TAs (Teacher’s Assistants) have been assigned again to all the faculty members – even to the visiting faculty this time (because of the huge batch of this year). And, the number of TAs is also greater than ever before.

Therefore, a standard cut down in the TAs pay was formally decided, but thanks to Mr. President (who always loves to be on the side of the students), all the candidates have been appointed at the old pay. So better catch your TA or otherwise you’ll be weepin on what you get in the hourlies!