Three days in CBMUN (Model of United Nations)

A team from TIP went to attend this event, initially very much unwillingly but came back will full zeal and enthusiasm. The team comprised of SabaAlam, Madiha Altaf, me (Fatima Iftikhar), Tauseef, Shehzad Sarwar and Fizza Asad .It was a whole new experience for each of us. We got exposure to different environment and students. Continue reading “Three days in CBMUN (Model of United Nations)”

Romance goes Red


TISF did it again! A beautiful and ornate event organized by TISF in the designing block with lots of flowers, balloons, buntings, different hangings and the designer ralliii that enhanced the compound and portrayed the true essence of the day. The fountain was decorated with red balloons, rose petals and the red blood water added more beauty.

It was attended by majority of the present student body but our Texperts did not miss the event. Their commitment to TIP is commendable. The air was filled not only with the scent of roses but also french fries, blaring music and the splashing water of the fountain. The lovers fully availed the chance. Almost every girl had either a pink, red or yellow rose in her hand. Who got the white ones? But 26 girls definitely had one. The veggie dedication and the stall with jelly cups were a new ideas and were appreciated by people. Anonymous dedications were common and a few even proposed with flowers and chocolates. Continue reading “Romance goes Red”

Hunt for Clues

The past two weeks at tip have been really happening with lots of events, incidents and gossips floating. Amidst the critical situation there was an exciting event that took place last Wednesday in the tisf slot. The “hunt for clues” or in other words a “trip to tip in 40 min”’.

Many people took part enthusiastically. The hunting map was displayed in the auditorium where everyone had to gather. By rule only 3 members had to be in a single group and go out on the 52 acre land but it was seen that out sources were also assisting the participants in not only finding the clues but clues were also handed over to them by the sources and the organizers. Practically it was difficult to get above 20 and 32 clues in just 15 minutes but this is tip. Anything can happens here. May be they had a magic carpet or an x-ray machine that they were able to detect those small chits in little time because the map does not allow one to be so fast if they are playing it honestly. The clues were hidden unequally. The faraway places had 2 or 4 and places near the campus had at least 7 clues. Telecommunication helped a lot of people in winning this hunt. Continue reading “Hunt for Clues”