Helping the Earthquake Victims

The successive round of earthquakes that has struck various areas in Pakistan, (Azad Kashmir, N.W.F.P and Punjab being most badly affected) has caused immense turmoil, loss, and deprivation. As I pen down this article, some 18,000 people have been reported dead, several are homeless, and of those that have survived an innumerable amount of people are homeless, hungry and severely injured.

It is at times like these that we as a community should come forward and help those that lay helpless. True, the aftermath of the earthquakes is unimaginable for most of us, but the little that each of us can do in the form of donations must be done as soon as possible to provide immediate relief to the affected people.

The Rotaract Club of T.I.P requests you to please bring packed food items, medicines, clothes, quilts etc with you to university tomorrow. Monetary donations too are welcome, although food items, milk, water, and medicines are preferable. Please do make sure that the donations you give away are properly packed and taped least they be damaged along the lengthy route. The donations will be properly sorted out at the end of the day, loaded onto the four buses that go past the P.A.F museum, and sent directly to the areas that most require them.

Blood donation campaign

On the basis of the response that the Rotoract TIP’s blood camp generated, Hussaini Blood Bank had earlier forwarded a request to form a blood camp collaboration. A group of ailing children, who happen to be under the direct responsibility of Hussaini Blood Bank require a massive supply of blood.

The Rotaract group of TIP has thus decided to launch another blood donation campaign, that will be a week long struggle starting Friday the 29th and lasting till Friday next to be able to collect as much blood as possibly can be collected.

The campaign will function during the course of the week for the convenience of everyone. The blood donation point is a place known as Mehreen Point (directly above Dunkin donuts, Clifton). We hope that you all will participate in this noble cause, make our blood camp a success and more importantly help save the lives of innocent young children.

Thanking you,

Sidrah Nadeem
Vice-President, Rotaract TIP


Kilims as a source of inspiration have got to be, at a glance, the most boring carpet weaves ever. The pseudo geometric designs coupled with the pastel hues are so not my cuppa tea. On a keener observation however (the second years had to use kilim designs as a source for their prints recently) one discovers that the repetitive motives form a sort of an optical illusion; which would have been mind boggling had the colour palette not been controlled.

So what exactly are kilims? Kilims known as the flat-woven carpets are used as cradles for babies, as the most beautiful part of the trousseau of a young girl, as floor coverings, wall hangings and sometimes as a sack to store grain or clothes in. The roof and the walls of the home of a nomad are made of kilims. Hundreds of colours, dancing on a kilim, are the expression of nature, dream, hope and love. Once you learn the alphabet of a kilim you can read it as if it is an antology of folk tales. It is not necessary to talk about the designs of a kilim it is upto your understanding of beauty and art.

The Beach Bash

Much as I’d want to brag on about the good time I had at the beach bash, I’m going to have to hold on to it since I don’t want be an ‘apney moun mian mitthu’. This article thus, is dedicated to all the people that ended up coming and having a great time. The rotaract club in fact, would like to shout out a big thankyou to all the people that came because it definately wouldn’t have been as good ( crazy) without you. To those that missed it, it’s all good, I’m sure we’ll come up with another event soon.
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Is good language proficiency all you need for a good article?

I seem to have lost my flair for writing impromptu for I haven�t been able to cook up a decent beginning since some ten and five minutes off the clock. Does that make me a bad writer then? Good or bad I leave my comment crew to decide, all I know is that I need more lemonade as a starter too cool off my grey cells in Karachi�s sizzling summer season. (44 degrees�..dam).

Now that I’ve religiously gulped down two glassfuls, I think I’ll let my random thought process do it’s magic. So for the sake of asking, does good grammatical usage ensure a good article? HHmmm��.. I think I’m ‘almost’ completely sure that it doesn’t. True a good usage of vocabulary does spice up an article. It’s like having home-made mango chutney with dal chawal( ��scrumptious), but I doubt whether you�d want the same chutney with halway puree and kabab paratha too��., some might, but others might barf at the very idea.
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First Impressions

As I was ushered into the impressive auditorium hall by a sophomore I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. The one hundred and fifty so students that stared back at me were to be my peers for the next fours years.

Naturally, my mind like everyone elses’ present there, started making it’s first impressions; making a mental list of the ‘would be friends’ and the ‘never to talk to’s.’
As I scanned the lot of girls seated towards the left side of the ‘audi’ I noticed two girls in particular who seemed to be commenting on- me-. Thus from the first day that I stepped into ‘uni’, I heartily pronounced them unreachable, and in the politest possible way………unlikable.
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The ‘Separate-Codes’ policy

This article goes out to all the girls who, when venture to try out the western attire get showered with comments such as, “She’s a disgrace to being a Pakistani”, or “Sharam nahin Atey larkee ko!!!” etc. Before I go on with my trademark pessimistic tone, I’d like to add in that I don’t, at all, think that all men think and act so; thus this article is aimed at the lot that do.
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