The continuous hype of ‘Not Smoking’

As I pen this article of mine, I unconsciously see myself thinking which of the probable reactions it is more prone to get ; creating a furor amongst my (male) peers, or it’s contents be toyed with and forgotten. How vain my efforts to enlighten the majority, of precisely why smoking is considered a hazard, I hope in thus resolving Monday onwards.

It’d be unrealistic to say that ‘to experiment with a drag’ is absurd and uncouth. It is a stage which all adolescents go through, and the rapid realization of them ‘growing up’ adds to their want of ‘looking old’, and acting like ‘grown ups’. Smoking, like applying make-up (for girls), and experimenting with the rough ruddy look for guys, is thus part of a transition that most children go though. Here I would like to clarify that it does not in any way assist the transition, but is simply a phase; one, which it is harder to wear out of, as once said by Mark Twain:

“To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did, I ought to know because I’ve done it a thousand times”
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Gender Partiality

If you thought living in a male chauvinist society was the worst thing that existed, think again. Villages and rural areas aside, it?s abominable to realize that gender partiality is encouraged in our very city, in fact, let?s not even go that far, in our very University.

It?s an agreeable fact that supervision of girls is a far greater responsibility than that of boys, and that trends and mindsets take time to change, or rather evolve. But it?s ironic that girls get to toil and strive as much, if not more, than the boys, but when it comes to campus ?curfews?, the boys get to spend the whole night as they please, and the girls have to be in their respective rooms by 10:30pm sharp.

It?s melancholic that the boys at our University are being given the apparent impression that “girls are untrustworthy”. Trust me if you dare break the code here, but you don?t need to tell them that. The majority live by the rhyme, ‘The grass is green, the sky so blue, girls aren?t credible, what can we do!

My spontaneous query here is, why not let the girls stay out all night for every alternate month while the guys get locked up in the hostel at 10:30? The issue, as I perceive it, is not the girls, but both ?boys and girls? staying out late together. Either my concept needs alteration, or the issue of ?naked partiality? needs to be giving attention.

I conclude with the hope that the girls ?breathing space? will some day be given a thorough thought.

Teachers� Crit

Now that the ragging hype’s over what are we bubbly ‘children’ supposed to do sitting miles away from population. Hmmm, ‘eureka’ since there aren’t many people you can actually ‘check out’ over here, what other option do we have than to ‘contemplate’ (Hint hint: ‘Meditate, cerebrate, cogitate, ruminate) over our teachers. (With all due respect to them all)

So what makes the teachers of TIP ‘oh so different’. Names aside where else do teachers make ‘pairs of three’ (for correct pronunciation ask any guy from first year). I’m sure Mr. B.D.Saleem would get a heartache if he found out that a particular teacher of ours was busy undoing all the good Sir B.D’s done for us through Eng101.

Forget not being able to understand why the chicken crossed, if you don’t get why data ‘are’ collected and not ‘is’ collected, don’t bother asking because quote unquote, ‘There is no WHY in English.’

Next in line is, ‘aap batein kar rahein hein!..  aap class sey bahir nikal jaein!’. ‘Aap so rahein hein, ro rahein hein…. (keep guessing) ‘Aap class sey bahir nikal jaein!!’

And I’d personally not want to include this one since I really don’t want to torture anyone’s taste buds in the midst of Ramadan but, ‘What’s your (Microsoft windows) flavour?’ It doesn’t get freakier than this does it?!

One would love to disagree with the fact that first impressions don’t last, but one doesn’t seem to have much of a choice here. Once you’re a C-grade student, forget endeavouring hard and getting a better grade, forget the fact that it’s never too late to mend. Whether you think you’re going to get a B, or whether everyone knows you should get an A, don’t burden your fastly fading grey cells because you KNOW you’ll get a C.

In conclusion all I’d like to say is, ‘Nike just do it’ and ‘TIP just IS-screw it.’