Dare To Say..!!

Almost, more than a year passed to the tragic death of former fourth year student, Malik Amjad. He commited suicide after fired out from universty. The number of students after that as well expelled away from TIP, beacuse their academic results did not meet to the minimium reqiurement of the university standard. To remain in TIP, we have to maintain minimum 2.00 CGPA, which I heard might be incrase to 2.25 in the next session of 2004-2005. Definately ,the upcomng situation give more tough time to the weak students to continue thier education in TIP. I dont know the exact figure, but estimated, more than 20% of the current population of TIP is on probation (CGPA
I remeber when we came in TIP, the task to attian 2.00 GPA was not so difficult, but with the passage of time it`s becoming thougher to maintain respectful GPA. There are certian resons behind that, but i don`t want to discusss them right now. Please, don`t take an impression that I`m on probation too ;), but the purpose that I touch this ever undiscussed topic because there are number of my companions, who are on probation & counting their last days in TIP.
Apart from IBA & LUMS, I hardly heard any university kick out their students in soo large number. If we compare the students of IBA & LUMS with TIP, there is the huge difference in between two. Crowd of IBA is at least 10 times better than us (due to the fact the number of students appear in IBA admisson test are 4,000 & in TIP 400-500). Same in the case of LUMS, which gives admission on the basis of SAT score i.e 1250+ including different other criteria, which hardly any TIPians can meet, & if, can be counted on finger tips. Though, TIP is prospering & prevailing a dignified position, but we still need at least a half decade to stand in the queue of the institutions like IBA & LUMS. Our management have to accept this reality on the ground & make the rules of institution a bit little student friendly, after considering the current student standard. Because, after spending a heavy amount & precious years of lives, if the Student expelled, then most of them unable to continue their education.

TIP wins Elementary Date at IBA

Talha Ahmed & Adil Marvi (both TS2) did TIP proud at IBA’a Cross Roads, a theatre festivel organized for charity on Sunday, 14th March 2004. Professional theatre groups BhaiLoog and FUNtoos were amongst the participants along with performances by Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and IBA itself.

“It was really difficult for our novice but talented participants to survive with Elementary Date, (performed at TIP’s Hoola Talent Pandora as well),” noted a TIP student at the event “It was tough for the couple to face the fussy audience. But Adil and Talha with Aasim Ahmed’s live music put their best efforts and won the appreciation of audience and judges.”

The judges decided to establish a new category, the Best Concept Award, which was given to TIP.

Polluting the CAMPUS

From the last few days I have been noticing some cheap publicity of Quack Online going on in the campus. There are more than eight notice boards in the campus, but still the walls are being used for the purpose of posting pamphlets. From corridor to cafeteria, Abid (I`m sorry to say) has left no place. Horror of horrors is the pamphlet placed right outside the notice board.

Dekhain mein Quack online ke liye likh ker kaisa hogaya is what they say. Quack, no doubt is a wonderful effort to provide us entertainment and people already know about Quack, so whats the motive? I don’t why the administration continues to procrastinate on this issue. TIP claims to be an institute which follows international standards, but spoiling or polluting the walls of the campus is by no means an international standard. It is like giving birth to a tradition in which no one will consider looking at the notice boards and rather look for walls that display their favrite news.

After reading this, fellow students please act responsibly and get these removed as soon as possible because we have a beautiful campus and it is our duty to preserve it.

The End-User Lab

After lot of blessings of students 30 branded P4`s were brought in the premise of Textile Institute of Pakistan. How glad we were, But Wait.!! where those HI_FI sytems (including four P4 systems in end user lab) escaped?? The answer of this wierd quetion I found out from a freshmen that “those state of the art systems are decorated in the “Teaching Lab” of Textile Institute of Pakistan “.

Isn`t it ironic to know that only 15 systems (most of them are entirely outdated)are available for 350 students, & those HI_FI systems are laying eggs in the “Teaching lab”.Where they are used just for Microsoft Word & Excel.

During the Peak timing, the end user lab is indicatitng the picture of fish market, where students sit on the Cabins; wait for their turns.

I request the management to please do something about it, because its annoying the students more than anything else.

(n-1) No More

The end of the (n-1) rule spread a situation of gloom amongst the students of TIP. (n-1) is that for if n-number of tests have been taken for a course, the worst test (the -1) for each student will be discarded. This system was used to ease the pressure on faculty. If a student missed an exam, the instructor would not have to re-test him even is the student’s reasons are very good, as the -1 safety factor is present. The (n-1) rule is apparently being utilized in all the prestigious college and universities in Karachi.

Earlier this semester, a petition was signed by almost every Tipian to bring back the (n-1) rule. This petition was rejected by President Shakel Ahmed with the comment “Pls Regret.”

Students, especially the senior years, are afraid the abolishment of the (n-1) rule will bring down their already low grades. Students on probation are really feeling the pressure, and the first hourlies this semester did not help bring up their confidence.

Tipians are looking desperately trying to convince the management to give some help so they can secure good grades in this semester, but with the President’s rejection of their petition, their only hope lies in studying harder!